adding insult to injury

Asian Lady Beetle Death Spray

These damn Asian Lady Beetles are a nuisance. They were originally introduced to control crop and tree destroying pests, but as with any ecosystem disruption, they’re now wreaking havoc across the country and Canada – they just don’t have enough predators to control them.

I am now their number one predator. The stinky little bastards are swarming the outside of my house, scanning for any point of entry. I could pay 300-500 dollars for an exterminator, but that’s a waste of money – besides, I want to kill the little buggers myself. The beetles die from most any simple detergent. Get the kind that attaches to your hose for external cleaning, and spray the house down. Yelling “It’s On Like Donkey Kong” before unleashing the death spray, and chuckling fiendishly while hosing the building down adds to the enjoyment as well as stares from neighbors. Those suckers will drop dead in no time, and you get to clean your house