Last weekend Chad Osborne and Kari Madsen got married. I’ve known Chad since my sophomore year of college. We lived together for two years and have a lot of stories, none of which were suitable to tell at his wedding (you’re welcome Kari). It was filled with fun things to do and great memories. The event was more like a vacation than a stressful wedding. Click more to read the rest of the story.

The wonderful wedding weekend started with the long drive down to Red Wing with really poor directions. “Drive out of the cites and you’ll see a plant, 5 or 10 or 15 miles after that, turn left. Then drive for while until you see Red Wing.” Thanks Chad (yes I know the horse is dead on this one but I have to beat it anyway). So, the best man and I missed the rehearsal at the church. Most brides-to-be and pastors would have freaked out, but Kari and the pastor were cool and it didn’t bother them a bit (whew).

After the missed rehearsal we set out for the grooms dinner – this time I rode with someone who knew the way. It was a extravagant river boat cruise on the Mississippi with beer and fabulous Karaoke. The bride and groom handed out their gifts to the wedding party after the buffet. Their nerves lead to some humorous introductions. Chad is stage savvy, but Kari, not so much (hehe). Intro’s like: “This is my cousin, who I’ve known for a long time” were funny and frequent. She is a good sport, and probably the wittiest girl I know – so we pick on her a lot because she can dish it back out. In actuality the pair were doing quite well; that is until they gave their fathers gifts and heavy praise, but forgot to even mention their mothers or grandparents – the unruly (read: intoxicated) audience heckled them from then on. The gifts that we groomsman received were engraved drink mixers: mine was engraved with iMac – thanks funny guy! After the river-boat we gambled at the Casino for a while, then capped the night with Perkins. Mmm hash-browns.

Eight AM the next morning we headed out to the golf course for a quick 9 holes to start out the day. After a great time at the course, it was time to head back to the hotel and get ready. 30 minutes later we were all set, and headed to the church that I hadn’t been to wearing my tried-on-for-the-first-time tux. (there was a mix-up and my tux was sent to Edina instead of St. Cloud – I never got to try it on and all I did was send them my own measurements – luckily everything fit fine.) The women had been at the church with a swat team of beautifiers since 7:30 am, we strolled in at about 1:15 pm – showered even.

Chad the hopeless romantic tried desperately not to look at Kari throughout the pictures taking session because it’s bad luck; Kari’s aunts thought it was soo sweet. But he would only get sweeter once the ceremony was underway. You see, after he took the engagement ring from Kari before the wedding, he took it in for an upgrade. Had had added to the center stone another quarter carrot and added a bunch of little side diamonds. It looked a lot bigger. When he put the ring on her finger in the ceremony she did a triple-take, it was great.

After the ceremony and a few photos of the new ring we hopped a few bars in town in a little bus. While at the first stop we got a call from Josh, the groomsman who couldn’t come because his newborn son was ill. It was nice that he got a chance to talk to him, it was like he was almost there for a second.

The reception was at the golf course that we were at that morning, it was a very nice place and made for a scenic location. The meal was great, and the dance was fun too. Many drinks were had and the American Pie tradition happened again of course. That makes three weddings where we all stripped to our boxers. Grandmothers again feared for there lives. It took a lot of beer, but I think Ryan and V finally admitted their true feelings for eachother. There girls were so happy for them that they decided to bring out their super spirit. (V: that’s for putting flamer on my softball shirt)

Later, during the dollar dance, I think Chad got a little confused because he was all over my girlfriend, and his sister.

The next day it was off to Goodhue for the gift opening at Kari’s parents house. Kari wore a shirt that said “%$#%^ my family, I’m moving in with the Osbornes” – as in Ozzy Osborne.

That will be the last time I see those two for a long time because in a week, after their honeymoon in Las Vegas, they are moving to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It all feels a little strange to have them so far away, but I wish them the best.

I didn’t get home until 9:00 Sunday night, what a weekend, and what a wedding. Congrats you two.