adding insult to injury

A Trip to the Osbornes

As you may have guessed, I’m back from Myrtle Beach. I had a blast.

Instead of going strait to Chad and Kari’s place, we stopped for some mini-golf. I think everyone had fun – well, except for Kari, who took dead last and is a very, very poor loser. Chad continued to remind her of her loss the rest of the weekend, and I’m sure the abuse will continue for several months.

Friday night, also known as “hooty tooty night”, we had a few drinks, met up with some friends, and some of their friends friends at Ozzy’s house. It was hooty tooty because one of the girls in the group was from Boston, and was warned not to act too hoity toity in front of, well lets face it, we less cultured Minnesotans. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or the accent, but she had a problem with saying hoity toity and opted for hooty tooty. She spent most of the night trying to break the high class stereotype with such hick moves as ordering a beer rather than a glass of wine with her chicken strips. I thought it was hilarious; though I worried she was going to lose her voice after asking if we thought she was hooty tooty for the 1,437th time.

After a few rounds of Ride the Bus and a stop at a restaurant called The Fish House (note: not an icehouse as many of you Minnesotans may be thinking), we headed down to Broadway at the Beach and went to a bar called Shuckers (which is considerably more cool than their website). The beer must have been good because we stayed there the entire night, and none of us really wanted to go anywhere else. The 15 free tequila shots may have played a part in the decision.

Saturday started out great with a little pile of heaven called Stuffed French Toast at the local International House of Pancakes. Oh I can’t wait until the new IHOP opens just blocks from my house.

The event of the day was to be a battle of the bands that Kari’s uncle would be playing in. It would have been a badass event. The venue was outdoors in front of the Hard Rock Cafe pyramid with about a dozen clubs lining the boardwalk nearby. Unfortunately it was rained out. To hide from the rain we went to an arcade/bar and later got whiplash from a 4-d mystery mine ride. Oh, and they showed me the beautiful beach.

Saturday night after a very delicious seafood dinner (and that’s saying a lot because I don’t like fish) we cruised in style in a brand new H2. Sunday we had to slum it in the Escalade, but I’m getting ahead of myself. We checked out the sites, which was basically hundreds of young boys with video camera’s trying to start their own Girls Gone Wild series. We then rolled out to the inlet joint called The Hot Fish Club (note the reoccurring fish theme) to see a recommended band.

Sunday was a typical low key day where we say stupid things, mostly because of the hangover – a favorite past time of Chad, Kari and I. Back when we lived together we basically did this every Sunday. Sunday night we met up with some of the group from Friday and went to the House of Blues. It looked like quite the place, but I’ll have to go back when they have some big names in town.

My flight left sunday morning at 6:30, but I wished I had more time to stay. The flight into my layover city of Charlotte was interesting because of the fog. I couldn’t tell we were close to the ground until the tires hit the tarmac. I’m guessing visibility was at about 50ft.

The flight to Minneapolis was going smooth when about 10 minutes before we were to land the pilot announced that the Airport has been closed so we will be in a holding pattern until he finds out what the “situation is”. The two flight attendants gave each other a nervous look (nice professional move) and proceeded to flip though the weather section of the Minneapolis paper. “55 and sunny is the forecast wonder if it’s a security threat?” says one flight attendant to the other. Great. After about 30 minutes of wondering and circling the pilot reports that we don’t have enough fuel to circle any longer and have fly to Milwaukee (other planes were diverted to Fargo). So we proceeded to jet off to Milwaukee when the pilot again chirps in overhead to finally inform us that there was a malfunctioning piece of equipment at the airport has now been fixed so we can head back to Minneapolis.

The plane landed safely. My first trip to visit the Osbornes in Myrtle Beach is over.

I forgot to carry my camera so I didn’t get many shots, but here are the few I did get.