I got the chance to look at a few homes on Friday; saw a little of everything. One home was perfect even for it’s age, at least that was the case until I went inside and discovered it reeked of cat urine and old people (you know that halitosis/hospital/foot smell). So there’s that, and the odd dishwasher situation. It was facing the dining room not the kitchen – weird.

The next house was a yellow (of course) split level with a huge garage, but the place was on a very busy street and was baseboard heat only – note to seller: If you want to sell the place ever, don’t leave a space heater in every room.

The last few places were in Sartell. I liked them all, but each had it’s own minor drawbacks. One in particular I would have signed for on the spot if the garage were a 3 stall – now I’m undecided. It will probably be gone today, so I’ll just have to keep looking. I have 2 cars and plan on getting a snowmobile and trailer.

I need a big(er) garage, or a way to hang a trailer from the ceiling. There’s always duct tape I suppose.