Jumping jigawats, I just wanted to renew my tabs on my car. I went into the licensing – um place, I forget what it’s called. Anyway, I went in before work, and discovered that it actually has the power to slow down time.

There were six people in front of me. There were two tellers working – I’m thinking 10 minutes tops. Still, there were three more workers behind the counter, but they weren’t actually helping people. After several minutes of observation, I deduced that their jobs were to walk back and forth and try to get in the way of the two tellers actually working – do so as slow as possible.

A scant 75 minutes later I’ve got my new tabs in hand and even managed to transfer the title on my truck into my name. (I was 15 when I bought it, so it was in my dads name). Mission accomplished. I was going to renew my drivers license too, but I was about ready to shoot someone. So, instead, I hopped in my delorian, adjusted the flux capacitor, and headed in to work to start the day with only one nerve left.

Next time I’m using Minnesota Auto Tabs Online.