Ok, so all the Mac heads and wireless experts have been poohooing the adoption of 802.11a as the next upgrade to the current wireless standard of 802.11b because 802.11g is backward compatible and has better speed over longer distances.

Q: Tim, seriously who cares?

A: Ozzy, shut up. From now on you can only read my posts about Ogre.

Ahem, anyway. Supplies of Apple wireless cards are dwindling according to many sources. Those same sources are predicting a 802.11g upgrade to Apple’s WiFi lineup is to blame for the low supply. But I have another, albeit related idea. This is based on no viable or alternate source, I really just dreamt this up. What if Apple has built a Airport/Bluetooth card? One that is 802.11g, and has bluetooth compatibility. That would be innovative, and Apple like. Why else would apple be writing an application like iSync (the coolest and most functional way to link your photos, contacts, instant messaging, and address book with your cell phone or PDA) when supplies of the D-Link bluetooth USB thingy are so damn hard to come by. Plus, who whants a dongle sticking out the back of their powerbook when they could have it built in?