It amazes me how few people – people with drivers licenses – actually know how to handle a 4 way stop.

Here it is:
First one there is the first one to go. If it’s a tie, the person on the right goes first. Simple.

Now, grandmothers seem to think that everyone has to go before it’s safe to cross. Everyone, except for the one car she darts in front of when the planets finally align to the correct position, allowing her to go. She will undoubtedly hit someone.

The other is the teenager, who assumes because they approached the stop at the highest rate of speed, they of course have the right of way – pedestrians be damned.

Finally, the rest of us are so busy giving the finger to grandma and the teenager that we almost miss our turn and end up in one of those “no, you go” situations half way through the intersection.

Did I mention I go through 6 stop sign controlled intersections on the way to work every day.