I watched another friend of mine on tv last night. A girl I was friends with in college with was on MTV’s Are you Tough Enough (a WWF recruiting show). She was the goalie for the SCSU women’s hockey team, so I’m guessing she is tough enough. She made the final 25, out of thousands, but didn’t make the final cut.

Two friends on tv in one week is kind of cool, the fact that I was flipping through the channels and saw them is just plain crazy.

My true claim to MTV fame comes from spring break 2000 (or was it ’99?) when two friends of mine were on Springer Break, The Whip Cream Bikini Girls – I was friends with them in college too. Needless to say, those girls knew how to party … if you know what I mean. I think the clip of them made it into the top 5 sexiest moments on MTV, and for good reason.