24 Apr 2007

Repair Service 4wd Light on 2000 Chevy Silverado

Author: Tim Conner | Filed under: Tutorial

There is a common problem with 1999-2001 Chevrolet Silverado where the service 4wd light comes on in the vehicle. The light is scary and led me to believe there were major issues with my four wheel drive, but it turns out its a quick, cheap, and painless fix by swapping out the 4wd selector switch. If you take it to a dealer they will charge you from as low as $180 to as high as $400. I’ll show you how to fix it for $50 in 5 minutes.

Update: Before step 1… make sure your transfer case fuse is good. On my truck it’s labeled ATC (Auto Transfer Case) and is located in the main fuse box under the hood.

Step 1: Remove the Dash Plate (to get the part number of your switch)
Pop off the dash. It’s simple and doesn’t requires tools. Tilt your steering wheel down and put the gear shift in 1st. Now using your fingers, pull the dash plate off. There are about a dozen points where it connects. Pop them off and pull the dash plate off.
Remove the Dash Plate

Step 2: Pop out the 4wd Select switch
To remove the four wheel drive select switch there are little plastic locks on the top and on the right, hold them up and pull out.
Pop out the 4wd Select switch

Step 3: Get the part number of the switch
Turn the switch over and look for the part number on the back. Mine is a 2000 Silverado Z-71 Extended Cab. The part number is the longer of the two – 15709327. I believe they used this part for 1999, 2000, and 2001.
Get the part number of the switch

Step 4: Order the part
You can get the part either from or a dealer (who will probably charge you more). It was about $40 plus shipping from gmpartsdirect. There is a search box on the front page, punch in the part number you wrote down from the back of the switch.
Part Description on

Step 5: Put in the new part
Once the part arrives, use the steps above to remove the switch and replace the new one. Total repair time: 3 minutes (and I was a huge dork and took pictures).
Pop it in

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  1. Used your repair the 4wd instructions. They were great and the pictures were helpful. Time will tell whether that fixed it or not. Thanks for the help.

  2. Chris Cottrill says:
  3. This is a very good way to fix this problem. I had the same issue and i actually fixed the old switch by soldering the broken solder joints on it. You will need a fine tipped soldering iron and some minor knowledge of soldering.


  5. Paul Dorazio says:
  6. Thanks for the valuable information about replacing the 4WD switch. It was very helpful. I wanted to replace that switch since I first started seeing the “Service 4WD light on my 2000 GMC with 18000 miles, but wasn’t sure how to remove the dash until I read your instructions and saw your pictures. I just ordered new switch on line so hopefully it will elimate the problem.
    thanks again

  7. Thank you for the info. My husaband is having trouble out of his too. This should be a recall too many having same problem. I needed the part number for the switch. The website is updating the catolog so I could not get part number. Thank you so much.

  8. Thanks. I think you nailed it. I also re-soldered the switch and it works like a charm.

  9. Thanks for posting this solution, My dealer wanted over $100.00 just to check out the problem and I had to leave the truck for the day. Your posting got me back running in 15 minutes, thanks again.

  10. Thanks for your post and pictures we have a 2002 silverado z71 truck and this helped a ton. we were able to get the part number on the back of our switch and order a new one online. Our model you had to work out with your fingers squeezing on both sides and then the number was on the back of the switch not on the metal just FYI. this part is about $90 at the dealership and way easy to replace by yourself for $40 online ordered part

  11. Mike Conwell says:
  12. Thanks a bunch. You really helped out a lot of people with the pics and instructions.

  13. Thanks Man!
    You saved me a bunch of $$$.
    Simple fix cost me $52.00, which included the shipping.
    GM had updated the part #.
    I suppose so they can keep track of the bad ones.
    It’s been in for over a month now, and I haven’t had the orange light hitting me in eyes!

  14. You might not have to get a new one – I didn’t.

    Thanks for this great tip and easy to-follow tutorial. I didn’t have to buy a new one – just opened it up after removal and saw all the cracked solder connections. I soldered them anew and put it back in place just as described above. Good as new so far. What was once flaky, is now 100% solid after a good 1/2 day of driving around. Status lights and changes are all on spot on.


  15. Feel like a expert mechanic. Followed the directions, ordered the part, and it worked. Great.

  16. Wow!! I am having the same problem with the 2000 Silverado I just bought! Im taking it back to the dealer to get it repaired, im glad to see that hopefully it is only this switch and not anything major! Thanks alot! This definitely should be a recall.

  17. WOW and thanks a ton….I was worried I’d have an expensive service repair. The switch was acting flakey and the light was appearing. Took a trip to the Chevy dealer because I have to take a trip in 3 days. Charge was only $68 total so not too bad to have peace of mind. Thanks much for posting and the great pics!

  18. I’m having the same message on my 2005 Silverado. Would this be the same thing? The 4wd seems to work fine when I use it.

  19. does this work if 4 high light stays on and change out to 2 hi or 4 low, with service 4wd light on still?

  20. thanks! the switch replacement worked for me! i bought it directly from the local chevy parts house and it was only $76.

  21. John Wilkinson says:
  22. I also used your method to change out my 4 wheel drive switch on my 2000 pickup. Thanks for your help because I would not have ever tried to do it without your instructions.

  23. I have the same problem with a 2005 Z71, Also I lost most power when I tried to accelerate. Anyone else have this happen to there fine piece of GM Tecnology?

  24. Thanks for saving me a small fortune. I followed your directions and wahla~ no more 4 wheel drive shifting problems. Thanks again!!!!

  25. Did your truck ever shift into four-low upon start-up. My service 4wd light has come on several times, not allowing me to engage the 4-low or 4-high settings. Twice, at startup, I have noticed that it shifted itself into 4-low.

  26. Thanks for the instructions here on the switch replacement.
    I saved a bundle of cash, by doing this myself, yippee!

  27. I have a 1999 GMC Sierra and the with same problem as above, I checked out the manual and said to “check dealer”, I called the service adviser at the same place I bought the truck at for advice, and would only help me if I brought in the truck in for service. I went ahead and checked all my mechanical componants to see if I could find the problem, I was at the point of frustration.Thank you for the advice.
    WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH GM? This should be a recall issue.

  28. michael jack says:
  29. just finished all i did was clean the inside of switch
    with contact cleaner and the connections also works
    like a charm cost me nothing

  30. I am looking for info on this. My husband’s service 4X4 light is on, and 4×4 doesn’t work. he tried putting in a used switch, and this didn’t work. Do you have any other suggestions??

  31. Dave in St. Louis says:
  32. THANK YOU! I thought I had a major problem but after following your instructions, I fixed this on my lunch break. It only took 15 minutes to pop it out and $56 to buy one from a nearby dealer. And now it works great!

  33. I had the same problem took out the switch and resoldered works like new. Thanks took about 20 min Dealer was 147 for new switch and an hour to install.

  34. Hey- I also soldered the connections on the switch on my 2000 GMC Sierra. No more warning light problems, but now the backlight for the pushbuttons isn’t working. This really isn’t a problem except that the pushbuttons will be a little harder to find in the dark.
    Thanks for all the great postings

  35. I had the same problem on my 2004 Z71. I priced the part @ $83 through the dealer and $64 after shipping through GMpartsdirect. Instead, I resoldered the connectors inside the switch. 20 minutes start to finish! Works like a champ!

  36. Thanks for the info. I resoldered the connections on my 2000 Z71 and it worked! The info and pix help a bunch.

  37. Trey… my ’05 does sometimes shift into 4 Low at startup and is hard to get out of 4WL. I’ve had this problem since day 1. Took to dealership under warranty and they kept it for 4 days said no problem found. I finally paid $90 for a switch and replace it myself… no problems for about 6 months and then it came back. I’m at a loss. I just pulled my newest switch and am going to check for cold solder joints.

  38. Hey guys… those of you that soldered the connections… did you remove the board from the plastic or just solder the exposed connections on top? Thanks

  39. I bought a new switch from my local dealer for $61, listed for $76. The part number has changed to 019168767. It took me almost as long to remove the dash as it did to replace the switch. Works like a dream

  40. I had the same issue and replaced the transfer case switch with a new onel problem solved for $60.00 vs. $200.00 plus for a GM technician to troubleshoot and replace it.

  41. I’m 100%, three for three with that switch. It went bad on my ’99 GMC Sierra, ’99 Silverado and now my ’00 Silverado. I paid the big bucks for the part the first two times, now I’m heading for the soldering iron. Thanks to all.

  42. resoldering the pin connections fixed the problem now the lights all illuminate appropriately, and all four wheel drive functions are normal. I just soldered the pin connections with the board still connected to plastic housing no problems thanks for the tip

  43. Just wondering if anyone else encountered no change after reflowing the pin solder connections?

  44. THANKS, this saved me big time as I’ve had the flashing light problem for years but also have problems from time to time getting to/from 4WH back into 2WD. I’ve been stuck in 4WL for over a day now, read this article and took the unit out, checked the wiring and sodering ect, put it back in and everything is working fine now. I was going to have to rent a car for a 5 hour drive tomorrow so this saved me BIG time!!!!

  45. Follow this link to view pictures of the re-soldering pin repair to the GM AUTO 4WD switch.

  46. Thanks, saved me a service call. Took the unit out, soldered the top connection on the connector, cleaned the contacts and reassembled. Took longer to find the soldering iron then fix the problem. Fixed the power steering pump last week now on to the power window that won’t roll down. I have to say I am dissappointed in chevy since these are known problems perpetuated for several model years. This web site is awesome…. and thanks for the tips…. Saved me at least a grand in repair bills.

  47. I replaced the switch and that apparently isn’t the problem. The light is still on and the selector switch does not work. Now what?

  48. This has driving me nuts, service 4w drive indicator pops on after a few miles, I spend $400.00 to service the 4wheel drive; Just to go about 10 miles and have the indicator pop on again. The service people just scratch their heads and say they will have to look into it. I re-soldered the connectors and it shifts perfect. Thank YOU, Thank YOU.

  49. I put a new switch in but I’m pretty sure i need a new T-Case cause, now its just stuck in 4High, witch isnt bad if you use it alot.

  50. On more than one occasion my transfer case would stick in 4 high or 4 low before I fixed the switch. But after… that’s not a good sign.

    Make sure your transfer case fuse is good. On my 2000 silverado it’s labeled ATC (Auto Transfer Case) and is located in the main fuse box under the hood.

  51. i had the problem selecting 4wd hi and lo, i soldered the broken spots and now it works without any problems!
    thanks all!!

  52. Lou Hawkins says:
  53. This was excellent help! But instead of buying a new switch, I used a soldering tool to resolder the connector pins. Take the box apart, use a magnifying glass to see the cracks in the solders and remelt the solder. Worked for me.

  54. Brandon Thompsom says:
  55. My service 4 wheel drivw light is popping on randomly every week or so. In 4 low my transfer case is locking on and off untill I get to 10 mph. I have replaced the accuator on the front differential and other things as well. Do you think the switch will solve all my problems.

  56. my 2003 silverado 1500hd seems to have a bad 4×4 switch. the service 4wd light has came on serveral times and is making me nervous. upon startup a few times i have noticed it has shifted itself into 4hi or 4low. can someone leave me instructions on resoldering the connectors on the 4×4 switch.

  57. replaced that part still no 4wd. just replaced the 4wd acuator and it is still not working. but i can hear the acuator trying to engage. Any tips on what else it could be?

  58. DaKota Hughes says:
  59. My chevy truck was stuck in 4wheel drive. I thought I had checked everything, but when I read your article I realized I hadn’t checked the fuse in the ATC. The fuse was bad, I changed it and now my truck is out of 4 wheel drive. Thank you so much.

  60. Read all the comments here, and decided to pull my switch, and see if re-soldering any solder joints would help. I pulled my switch, soldered the back of the connector pins that come through the board that contact the vehicles electrical plugs (Only points on the board that my soldering iron was small enough to do, and the only ones that looked bad. I did not remove the board from the backing plate). Everything seems to work perfect now! From reading this, to being completely fixed took me under 20 minutes! No point in buying a new switch, easiest solder job ever!

  61. I think GM really needs to recall this problem. For about a year the service 4wd comes on, and I get it reset. I had a friend hook it up and it says there’s no problem! Well a few days ago my husband asked me why I had it in 4wheel low. Well of course I didn’t put in there. Then it happened 2 more times. I read Bobby’s comment and I to have the same problem. 2005 Z71. Go figure. I will try this solution. Less than $100 is better than what I was told. I was told the censor was the problem and it could cost approx. $1,000. Thank you for the input. Will post results.

  62. Thanks for the information. It enabled me to fix the 4WD light problem and intermittent 4WD engagement that has bugged me for several years. I had even taken my 2000 GMC Sierra to the dealer where all they did was reset the service 4WD indicator, but it came back on shortly thereafter. So, I just lived with the problem, anticipating sometime having to spend hundreds or thousands to fix it.

    After viewing the information here, I pulled the switch, found the bad solder to pin joints, resoldered them, and it now works fine. I did notice that the solder didn’t completely flow around the pins even after a thorough cleaning and resolder. I suspect there is a metal reaction problem with the pins. So, if the problem reoccurrs, I will try to find an newer model switch; hopefully they will have gotten the pin problem fixed by now.

  63. Thank you very much for the straight forward instructions. I purchased a used 99 Silverado from a friend. 4wd Light kept coming on, and I couldn’t select drive modes. Since I was sure it was only the switch, tonight I found your directions, and replaced it. I believe it was stuck in 4 hi due to severely limited turning radius. Was ginger with it until I was able to replace the switch. Your instructions helped make is a snap (no pun). Anyway (sorry about the joke, couldn’t resist), replaced the switch, can now select drive modes and works like a champ. Like a rock! Sincere thanks from Cleveland, OH. Thank you very much.

  64. My switch totally died so I ended up having to go the local GM dealer for mine but Thanks to your post I had it changed before I even pulled out of the parts department parking lot!

  65. My 2000 Chevy had and issue were the switch light on 2H would go out and the service 4×4 would come on, this would be the issue most of the time. Some times the light would not go out and the service light would come on. Just did the re soldering and works great through all the ranges. Great post, thanks. Brent

  66. This worked on my 2005 Z71!! Only a $100 part…thank you!! Also found that reversing the truck and then putting it in neutral and then pushing 2 wheel drive when it’s barely rolling will kick it out of 4 wheel.

  67. Thank you about the update about the fuse. I had read about the bad switch and ordered one when my 4wd would not work at all and the light would blind me at night. I go the part put it in and it still did not work I was now worried I would be spending a lot of money to get it fixed. I found your update when right out to the truck checked the fuse and now I can rock and roll in this North Dakota winter that seems to be slapping us in the face right not. Thank you again.

  68. Awesome post. Thank you very much. My 1999.5 Z71 had the
    Service 4WD drive light for 2 years. So this last weekend I was on
    my way up to Yosemite and knew I needed this fixed. Found this
    post, got the part from the dealer, and the next day I was 4
    wheeling in 2ft of snow up in Yosemite.

  69. Thanks for the great advice. My service light came on
    today. I checked with my local dealer and they couldn’t get me in
    till later next week. I figured I could limp by with no 4 wheel
    drive I thought it might have been a fuse but looking at the manual
    and nothing jumped out as 4 wheel drive. Searching the web I cam
    across your site. With the insight about the ACT I was check it in
    the dark and cold and find a blown fuse. It works great now. Thanks
    for your input.

  70. walter smith says:
  71. is it difficult to replace the 4wd actuator? where is it


  73. Thinking about buying this 01 chevy tahoe Lt 5.3L with 107xxx miles $8600 looks good from this small car lot. Have’nt had a chance to go drive it yet and check it out. The guy said he drove it for 6 months and it runs great. But he did say the service 4 wheel drive light pops on sometimes. A friend of mine has a scanner that he will hook up to the truck for codes. What do you think about the price? The truck looks great!! After reading issues with 4 wheel drive I dont want to get screwed…. Thanks

  74. I forgot to add to the post he wanted $8995 but he said he will take $8600 for it..

  75. I purchased the switch on ebay for 35.00 including shipping. I don’t know if the problem was solved yet, however it was so easy I can’t believe it. Probably took less than one minute.
    thanks for the post.

  76. Thanks for the information. I did swap out the selector switch (about $65 with shipping). All looked good after replacement, however, today the service light came back on so its on to more troubleshooting. I wouldn’t have even tried the switch replacment without your thanks.

  77. thanks my wire olug was just loose. very easy to fix, thanks again

  78. Thanks replaced mine today problem solved. found the part on ebay for 37.00 free shipping

  79. My 2001 Chev Z-71 did this to me yesterday, we had about 3″ of fresh snow the night before and I went to get back in our driveway, which is steep, with the pick-up in auto 4wd and nothing, I tried about 3 times so I backed it back up to our shed a little ways away into a area that has not been plowed for awhile and was stuck. None of the indicator lights were on just the service 4wd one. Checked all the fuses, there is a 4wd one on the drivers side of the dash also and they are fine, so I disconnected the battery to reset everything and it is working for now but don’t trust it. Since I had no 4wd at all could the problem still be the select switch?

  80. Hello all,

    First,what a great job in explaining how to fix this problem. I not only had the “Service 4WD” light, but intermittently (mostly on), my ABS and brake lights would both come on at the same time.

    I took out the 4WD selector switch and sprayed some contact cleaner on it, put it together and it works like a charm (so far). As an added bonus (I Hope), my other light problems went away. Not sure how they could be connected, but they seem to be.

    My local chevy dealer wanted $96.00 for the part. It cost me $5.95 for the contact cleaner and I have enough left in the can to clean another 10,000 contacts.

    Thanks again. I had no idea just how easy it was to take the dash off. Kudos to you!

  81. My 1999 Silverado would change in and out of 4 wheel drive. After turning the ignition switch on and off for 15-20 minutes it would finally kick in.

    I ordered the part from Ebay for about $40. The installation was simple. If you can plug in a lamp, you can do this. Took less than 5 min.

    Hit the switch and immediately it made the change


  82. Clay Natvig says:
  83. I took my 2005 silverado back to the dealer i bought it from and told them about this problem i was having so they switched out this part and a week later it kept happening. i dont think it has anything to do with this switch.

  84. bridgerboy says:
  85. Hi,
    I had the dreaded yellow 4×4 check light going on and off for 2 years. The lights on the switch would sometimes work and sometimes not. It would get stuck in 4wd or 2wd at the most unfortunate times. I thought the switch might be bad or even the actuator. I found your site and re-soldered the 4 pins on the back of the switch and presto! The lights on the switch all work and the truck shifts throughout the 4wd ranges and 2wd with no problems.
    I also had to do the soldering trick on the display panel…the indicator lights would go out…sometimes the entire display…re-soldered them and works like new. Thanks again for the site.

  86. Thanks for the advice. We are looking to buy a 2000 silverado with this exact problem. We are hoping this is all that is the problem. It assures me that if this is the only issue we are getting a good deal (assuming it’s only a $50 fix). Thanks so much!

  87. I bought the new switch on Amazon for $35. It is working perfect and the issue seems fixed.

    Thanks for the great information

  88. Thanks for this info!! I changed mine and it works great!!

  89. Had this problem for months was glad to see the broken connections when i took it apart. If anyone is still having problems after fixing the switch it could be a worn 4wd actuator an the front diff. easy to unbolt and check for wear.

  90. matt neubauer says:
  91. Thanks for the advice, you saved me a lot of time & $!

    Don’t think it’s dorky to take pic’s of steps involved. Too many times steps are forgotton.
    Thanks again.

  92. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT ADDVICE!! Soldered the connections and it works like new!!

  93. thanks for the info 1st time it was under warrenty this time im going to soder it my be this will be the last time thx again

  94. Just bought a Silverado -00.
    When I drove home from the seller, the 4WD Service showed up..
    After 5min with google, I found this site.
    Seems that this is a peace of cake to fix :-)
    Thanks alot for this page!

    Best Regards from Sweden.

  95. The P/N for the transfer case selector switch on my 2004 Suburban was 15164520 which is now obsolete.
    The new P/N is 15136039 for 2003-2007 vehicles.

  96. I just ordered my 4WD switch Chev 2005 #19259313 thank you for the information
    SD Ohio

  97. Just want to say thanks for the article. What I thought was my 4wd messing up ended up being solved with replacing the switch. Thanks again!

  98. My 2001 Silerado will not transfer from 2WH to 4WH (will not go into 4 whl drive) I push the 4WH button and it just flashes and goes back into 2WH, I took the Switch out of my truck and put in my Tahoe and it worked FINE, so its not the switch, I checked the ATC fuse, it was fine as well, I pulled the wires and cleaned them on the Tran-case, still wont go in the 4WD, any suggestions? PLEASE HELP…Thanks Jon

  99. THANKS, it took longer to find the soldering iron than it took to take the switch out and solder three pins and reinstall the switch. So far it is working great. I agree that it sould be a GM recall.

  100. Just wanted to say big thanks to all my light kept coming on all the time and shifting in out of 4wd i replaced the switch and havent had a problem again thanks to all for the help saved alot of mony this way.

  101. Okay so I have a 2000 silverado 1500 z71 and my 4×4 panel seems to only stay in 2 HI, I can’t switch it to any other thing. When I start up the truck, only a few of the lights light up. I try pressing others like AWD etc. but the light still is lit up under 2 HI…Is my problem the switch like it is stated here or something major? By the way if it helps it says service 4WD and that comes up after about 5 minutes of driving.

  102. The service 4wd light in my 2006 silverado z71 was on, and the indicator lights for 2wd, 4wd, neutral, auto would come on at random. Seemed the truck was in 2wd. I bought a new switch at the dealer, $100, I didn’t want to wait for, paid $25 more, but got it that day, put it in, and the problem seems to be solved. The parts guy said they sell a lot of those switches. BTW, most of the switches I found on ebay were used. I wouldn’t put in a used one !

  103. Thanks for your instructions. I too was getting the “service 4WD” coming up on the dash. I ordered a replacement on Amazon (less than $40 – non OEM). Seems to have fixed the problem, only time will tell. Thanks for saving me $$$.

  104. Oh yeah, I have a 2005 GMC Yukon.

  105. I just changed out my switch with a new one. The Service 4WD light is steady on and no lights come up on it. Any suggestions?

  106. My 2000 chevy silverado had the Service 4wd light on, i replaced the encoder motor and switch and still the light was on, looked at this website and I went and checked the ATC fuse it was blown, Thank You Soooooo Much for the info!!

  107. I have a 99 silverado. All the lights on 4wd selector switch were off and couldn’t get it to shift. Checked the fuse in engine compartment labeled ATC, and it was good. So I figured it was the switch itself. Decided to work on it on a saturday, and all the dealerships were closed. So I decided to tinker a little and maybe try to reset it by pulling fuse and battery. Before I did I decided to look at the fuse cover of the inside of the truck, and low and behold there was a 15amp fuse labeled 4wd and it was bad. Replaced it and everything is back to normal. CHECK THE FUSES INSIDE AND OUTSIDE BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!

  108. Can anyone tell me if replacing the switch solved the problem and the truck (2005 z71) going into 4L when you start it?? Also have the service 4wd light on and a lot of noise when shifting from 2w to 4H.

  109. My 2002 HD2500 had the occasional “Svc 4WD” light, but not in past 6 months. But the LED that shows which range is selected isn’t lit. Won’t shift out of 2WD-HI. My switch doesn’t have the round “Auto 4WD” button. All the usual auto parts store websites show the one with the Auto button. O’Reilly showed what looked just like my switch, Dorman P/N 901-063, so I bought it for $50. But mine has an 8-pin connector, and a 4-pin connector, which is actually a 6-pin connector, with only 4 wires in it. That plug won’t fit into the replacement switch, it has room for only a 4-pin connector. The P/N on the back doesn’t come up in any search. The solder joints all look fine. The inside 4WD fuse & underhood ATC fuse are both fine. No idea what to try next.

  110. I changed the 4 wheel drive selctor switch in the dash because i was getting check 4 wheel drive on the display.
    I turn the key to the on position and I go back and forth between 2 and 4 wheel drive. I start the vehicle and after about 5 minutes the check 4 wheel drive light comes back on.
    i get home and turn the vehicle off, turn the key to the on position and can change between 2 and 4 wheel drive???

  111. My 2000 Silverado 2500 with 275,000 miles has the service 4WD light come on randomly for the last 200,000 miles. I replaced the fluid in the transfer case,( filtered through a napkin to check for metal) as well as both axels. All was good so I didn’t worry about it. Now it won’t shift out of 2HI. Will check ATC fuse as you suggest. If it’s ok, will try the switch. Thanks for the info.

  112. Details and pictures were very helpful changed switch ran truck for a while no service light on yet ( knocking on wood) thank you so much for the post… Just great!!!!!!!!!!

  113. I’m having the switch problem what do you solder to make the thing work?

  114. Does anyone know if this might work also on a 2001 Chevy Tahoe which looks like it has the same switch. Mine is doing the same thing at times. I was told there was some sensor on the transmission that might be causing it. ??????? anyone ?????? Thanks

  115. Dude- hats off to you. Awesome detail and excellent photos. My 2001 has had intermittent issues for quite a while and wouldn’t you know the day I get it all hooked up to my MH to tow it- it won’t shift to neutral. Found your post- pulled the switch, disassembled and touched up all the main solder joints (about 8) reinstalled and wallaw- back in business. Thanks so much to you and others that posted about the solder job. How did we survive before the internets?

  116. update, my truck has two fuses for the 4WD. one is under the hood labeled ATC the other is in the interior fuse block labeled 4WD 15 amp. the uner hood fuse was good but the interior fuse was blown. this all started with some a/c repairs so something i did blew the fuse.

  117. Thanks for the help on fixing my 4 WD Indicator light switch. The pictures were great and like you said it only took a few minutes. I only have one suggestion, check the price at Rock Auto Parts. They have 3 choices of vendors that supply this part . I paid $34.99 and that included shipping, about half the price of GM Parts Direct. Thanks again, winter is coming and in Minnesota ya gotta have 4WD.

  118. I also have been dealing with the “Service 4wd” message coming on for 2 years wondering when it was going to become a problem. Well today was the day, I put it in 4wd and it took a while to go in and when I selected 2wd it wouldn’t come out until fiddling with the buttons. I went directly to my repair shop and they were aware of the problem but unsure if the switch or the controller would cure it since they would do both at the same time. The controller is over $400, so I got on the computer and found your solution. I decided to look at the soldier connections and under magnification I saw 4 cold joints. They didn’t want to take soldier until I applied some acid flux. Be sure to clean well after soldiering. I believe this will cure the problem. I static tested by turning the ignition on and depressing each button. You should hear the servo motor in the trans moving with each depression. Thanks for the help!

  119. My fuse is good, so I switched out the dashboard switch, cost me $40.00, and still can’t shift into 4 wheel drive. what would you suggest ?

  120. Ok first off , my 4wd service lights been on since spring of last year , i replaced the transfer case control switch cause i know they have been know for going bad , just like my 2000 i had , now i have a 01 , but the light stays on. so i check’d the Fuse .. it was good ….i put it on the computer and there wasnt any DTC codes , cause it wouldnt pick the transfer case . Do you guys think it could be the Transfer case control Module ?

    thank any info will help .

  121. I was all set to take this to a garage. Found this post and decided to give it a shot. I have an hour for lunch. I drove the 7 miles to Autozone, bought the switch, completed warranty info, grabbed a few other items and headed back to work.

    When I parked, I wanted to see if it was really this simple. Four minutes later, I was done and my 4WD was functioning properly. No service warning light.

    I realized I still had 25 mins left in my lunch break and sat back thinking about how nice of a dinner I will be able to afford with the $200+ savings!


  122. Shaun Kavanaugh says:
  123. My service 4wd light has been coming on for about a year. Usually after driving a couple of miles. The lights on the dashboard selector switch seem to function alright. It is difficult to change from 2hi into anything else. Is this a case that the switch on the dash is failing or the transfer case position sensor on the t-case is bad?

  124. Hi – I swapped out my switch with no problem. Your information is spot on, thank you! I own a 2001 Chevy Tahoe & have lived with the “service four-wheel drive” light for years not wanting to pay a dealer hundreds to replace.

  125. if still stuck in 4×4 after everythings exhausted… take out the actuator from the front diff. it just screws out… you may need a pipe wrench to turn it. then remove the end that pushes the gears to engage and put it back in. it won’t reach far enough to keep it in 4wd anymore. don’t lose the part you took off…and get a new switch or xfer case.

  126. Thanks! I pulled the switch out, opened it up and the solder joints looked fine. We are in the middle of a snow storm, so I just decided to buy one at the dealership. Plugged it in, and off I went. (About $87.. so order one if you can wait — I couldnt).

  127. Check your ATC fuse under the hood first.

  128. Jaime Contois says:
  129. Most important thing to be kept in mind when working with soldering iron is not to touch the tip of the iron as it is extremely hot. Soldering material used for the purpose is an alloy of tin and lead and is called flux. Before you put solder over the required area, heat up the surface to be soldered by touching the tip of the hot iron. Application of the solder is called “tinning”since percentage of tin is more in the flux. However, flux can be of various types depending upon the things to be soldered. :

    Stop by our personal web-site as well

  130. thanks for this. helped me. also check 4 wd fuse.

  131. Bill Sherman says:
  132. 2001 Silverado 2500HD
    Similar problem but no service 4 wheel drive light comes on. On ocassion the red light ( neutral ) on my 4×4 selector / indicator comes on , and won’t allow me to select any gear range. I’ve had to shut it off and restart and quickly select the gear range needed. Now it won’t allow me to select 4LO – the ligh just flashes on the button… is this correctable by replacing the switch???

  133. Mike Gilbert says:
  134. I have found out that usually the two ground wires attached to the frame under the driver’s door is the culprit that causes the dash switch to go bad. Chevy had the bright idea of applying the undercoating before they attached the ground wires therefore overtime moisture, dirt and corrosion affects the threads of the bolts which are the only source of ground the two sets of wires have. Take the bolts out and use a wire brush to clean down to the metal of the frame as well as the bold threads and ends of the wire attachments. Both projects together should take you less than 5 minutes and should take care of your service 4wd problem.

  135. Mike Gilbert says:
  136. Updated 7/14/2013:
    I have found out that usually the two ground wires that are attached to the frame right under the front of the driver’s door is the culprit that causes the 4wd selector switch in the dash to go bad. Chevy had the bright idea of applying the undercoating and/or not cleaning the point of contact of the ground wires before they bolted them to the frame therefore overtime moisture, dirt and corrosion affects the contacts of the threads of the bolts which are the only source of ground the two sets of wires have. There are 2 things you will need to do. First you will need to take the bolts out and use a wire brush to clean down to the metal of the frame as well as the bold threads and ends of the wire attachments and then reattach the ground wires to the frame (time to complete – less than 5 minutes). Second you will need to replace the 4wd selector switch in the dash. You can purchase this online from Amazon (Dorman 901-062 4-wheel drive switch for $31.15 – no tax or shipping and handling). To replace, gently pull the outer trim of the dash out by using just your fingers. You do not need to completely remove it, just pull it out far enough so that you can pull the old switch out of it slot. Then unplug the two plugins located in the back of the switch. Plug them into the new switch and push the switch back into the slot and then push the trim back into place (time to complete – less than 5 minutes). This should take care of your problem. Most often, people make the mistake of just switching out the dash switch and when that does not correct the problem they then replace the more expensive and time consuming actuator motor and location indicator on the transfer case that does not need to be replaced. I should point out that when the Service 4WD light comes on, there are no codes that show up on the code readers which is awful strange in its self. I hope this helps everyone with this problem because I sure wish I knew this before my many costly and time consuming trips to multiple repair shops including the dealer and none of them were able to successfully repair the problem. It sure seems like Chevy could release a repair bulletin so that everyone could fix Chevy’s blunder. I bought my 2005 Silverado new in September of 2005 and this has been the only major problem I have every had with this truck with the exception of the check engine light that came on this past spring and the error code was P0446, which was the Vapor Canister Purge Valve. They have since come out with a new conversion kit that cost close to $100.00 and is very time consuming to replace. I highly recommend that you can purchase the original equipment part from Amazon – ACDelco 214-2147 OE Service Vapor Canister Purge Valve for $16.36. You will have to cut the vent tubing right at the old canister and use a 2 inch long piece of vacuum tubing the next size up to attach the new canister because the original tubing is hard and cannot be stretched to remove on to reinstall the new part. The canister is located at the back of the gas tank and can be accessed without having to even jack up the truck. It clips right onto the back of the gas tank and has one plug in going into it (time to complete – less than 5 minutes). Best wishes, Mike Gilbert, St. Joseph, MO

  137. I’m having the same problem on my 03 chevy yukon. Service 4wd message coming up and kicking into 4wd on its own when started. Would this fix be the same on my yukon?

  138. Larry Brossoit says:
  139. My daylight drive indicator lights are barely visable. I guess that means a bulb or bulbs are blownl. How do I change them?

  140. 1999 GMC Sierra and it is the late year model. The service 4wd light came on and it switched ok to 4wd but then it won’t switch back to 2wd. Tightened loose ground and no luck. Could here the buzzing near the dash when trying to switch but it always settles back to 4wd high. Changed the encoder motor on the transfer case as this seemed to be the problem. Now I can’t hear the buzzing at the dash but when under the truck I can hear the encoder motor seemingly trying to work. Can there be something inside the t-case that won’t allow this thing to switch back to 2wd? Thanks for any suggestions.

  141. Hi this is awesome. I’ve had (have) both of the truck issues you’ve noted on your site. I’ll see if I can get them fixed tomorrow.
    Has anyone had a problem with the ABS break warning lights coming on?

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