25 Aug 2008

Changing a Fuel Pressure Regulator on hard starting 2000 Chevy Silverado Yourself

Author: Tim Conner | Filed under: Tutorial

I was having a problem with my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado. It was starting hard all the time with the exception of first thing in the morning. The first start of the day would go just fine, but the rest would turn over and over rapidly until I pumped the gas pedal. Then it would start but it would sputter for a little bit. Once or twice it also quit on me when I was slowing down to turn a corner.

I had this issue a few years ago and I paid about $200 to get it fixed. The repair shop replaced the fuel pressure regulator, also known as the fuel flow regulator. I figured I could do it myself and as it turns out it’s relatively cheap and quite easy.

First you need to test if your truck has a broken fuel pressure regulator. To do that you need to run the vehicle for about a minute and then turn it off and remove the vacuum line from the regulator -If fuel leaks out, it needs to be replaced. It’s about the size of a walnut and is located on the drivers side fuel rail for the 5.3 liter v8.

Faulty Fuel Flow Regulator

Here are the steps to replace it yourself.

1. Tools and parts needed: Fire extinguisher, a pair of screwdrivers, and something to take the negative post off your battery. The part I got was about $45 from Advanced Auto Parts: BWD Regulator 24027Z (V08161). (update: I’ve heard most people end up paying around $80 for the part elsewhere)
Regulator Part

2. Depressurize the fuel system. Start by removing the gas cap.

3. The pressure isn’t gone yet… now you have to pull the fuel pump relay out engine compartments fuse box. And then start the vehicle until it dies. If it doesn’t quit, you pulled the wrong relay, consult the manual. If you do not do this step, gasoline under 40+ lbs of pressure will spray in your face and on the engine.
Fuel Pump relay

4. Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery. (if you’re studying this photo, maybe this project isn’t for you)
Disconnect battery

5. Remove vacuum line and the clip that is holding the regulator in there. I used a pair of screwdrivers to pop it off. Once removed the regulator should just slide right out. Now the fuel screen/filter may be left behind. My kit came with a new filter.
Regulator removed, filter is still there

6. The parts should come out in this order (pictured is not OEM – I had this replaced once before so yours may look different) Notice I got out the little gasket behind the fuel filter.
Fuel Pressure Regulator Parts


7. Here is a picture of it fully removed.

8. Lube the rubber gaskets supplied with the new Fuel Pressure Regulator with a little engine oil.

9. To replace it, just push the new one in and follow the steps in reverse. It may start hard the first time because it has to build the fuel pressure back up. (Note: you may not need all the bushings supplied)
New part in place

Good luck!

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  1. Thanks man. This was exactly what I needed. What a perfect write up. I followed it exactly about 1 hour ago. My truck is back to running like a champ.

  2. Perfect easy as pie took longer to de-pressurize

  3. Fantastic post – I’ll have a shot at this and let you know how it comes out.
    Many thanks.

  4. Thank You. I have been having the same problems. Replaced the plugs, wires and fuel filter. Still not running right and the service engine light was still on. I checked the EGR valve and it looked good. Done some more research and found your site. I knew that the fuel regulator was the next thing to check, but where was it and what did it look like. Thanks to your site, I was able to locate it and check the vac line and yes there was fuel in the line. I am going to replace today. Thanks for the pics, they sure helped out.

    2000 Silverado 4.8L V8


  5. I had the same problem, I changed the spark plugs, fuel filter, and now the fuel pressure regulator. It had gas inside it, so I figured that this was the problem. It started real good right after, went to work, 4 hours later, it was back to the same hard starting, *(^&%$#@

  6. Scott Andrews says:
  7. Thank you very much for this post. I picked up the new regulator on the way home from work and installed it about a half an hour ago. In short, with the guidance provided here, for just under 50 bucks and about 15 minutes work total, I fixed a problem that had the “rocket scientists” at the local Chevy dealer still scratching their heads after keeping my truck for over two days. (Just to rub salt in their wounds, after two days they couldn’t bill me for any more than one hour’s diagnostic time!)

    Anyway, the truck, which has run just over 130,000 miles, now starts, idles and accelerates as good as it did when I bought it nearly ten years ago.

    1999 Silverado 4.8L V8


  8. You are the man! I was also having the exact problems on my truck as well. I picked up the part at my local Autozone, followed your instructions and now it is running and starting like a champ. I love the photos added to the step by step instructions. I also took the opportunity to change the fuel filter as well since the lines were depressurized.

    2000 Silverado 5.3L


  9. Great post!!!! 2000 Silverado, 5.3, 203,142 miles. This fixed my starting problem but then the throttle positioning sensor went out on the test drive! Now if I could just get the HVAC temp dial to cooperate…………

  10. Mike Dills says:
  11. I am having a hard time getting the clip back on. The regulator doesn’t seem to want to go in easy.
    Any one else have this problem and what did you do?
    I have lubed the seal, tried it without the bushing, tried the old filter, etc. I am going to use vise grips and press it in and get he clip on. 10 minutes turned into 60 minutes and my hands and back hurt.

  12. Dude!!!!! You are the man!!!

    Install a “Donate through Paypal” link to this, and I assure you can make a couple of bucks wit this. I’ll be the first to hook you up!!

    Thank You Bro, you saved me a bundle.

  13. Thanks for the install tips…this is my second fuel pressure regulator. The first one came right after my mechanic replaced my fuel pump $900.00. I brought the truck (1999 5.3 silverado) back to the shop and he (shop manager/owner’s son) gave me the deer in the headlight look when i told him about the hard start issue. Went home researched how to fix hard starting silverado. Fixed, these blogs work. Fixed the first fuel pressure regulator and the second one on my own, Napa parts store $69.00 AAA card discount.

  14. Great post and walk through. Great comment about the negative terminal…

    I have a 7.4L 8Cyc big block 98 3500 cheyenne…
    do you know where the FPR is located for that engine?

    hard time finding it…

  15. Thanks a lot man. I was told that was what needed replaced, but in the process i got sidetracked, thus causing the order of the parts to get mixed up…. luckily i found your post, and had it figured out in no time!

    Justin 2000 Silverado 4.8 4×4

  16. I personally appreciate your time in posting this information. Saved me $$$ and aggravation. Others have had trouble in getting the regulator in the hole. I used vaseline on both gaskets. I used my forefinger on the back rail and thumb on the regulator and slight twisted the vertical part left to right and it went end smoothly. No problems getting the clip back on. Another thing to check is the rubber attaching hoses. I found several cracks in one of mine and replaced it with a new short piece. Ethanol and heat is playing havoc with older rubber. Runs like new. BTW…Who was that masked man anyway. Thanks.

  17. I am having the same trouble Mike Dills listed above – everything went fine until I tried to put the new one in. Neither the new one nor the old one I just removed will go back in! (Yes, the part is compatible – it’s exactly the same as the original one.)
    What am I missing here?

  18. Well, I just used a C-clamp to squeeze it on there, and that did the job. Truck is running like new! This is after getting over $1000 of work done at the dealership with no improvement! So thanks again for this site!

  19. Have a 2000 myself had the same problam, after it was run then shut off for 10 to 15 min. it would not want to start unless I put my foot on the gas, after reading this blog I checked in to the regulater, sure enuff that was the problam, thanks for the info. the c clamp worked really well to, took 5 min. to fix. Thank you..

  20. Great info. the vacuum hose had lots of gas in it, I really appreciate your time to guide me through this problem since I was at a lost. Thankyou very much.

  21. just what the doctor ordered thanks very simple and right on the money .the prices varied alot car quest 107.00,advance 46 and change dealer was 120.00 thank you very much for your help i think it is very common the gm dealer even had the part my silverado has only 50k on it its really the only problem i have had

  22. Mike Buckmeier says:
  23. I have a 1999 with the same problem and after reading your site i replaced the fuel regulator and it fixed the hard starting problem. But now the fuel pump ( $600 Brand new.. less than a month old..) is humming and vibrating in the tank like it is working over time. Any ideas?? Feedback would be VERY helpful. Thanks guys


  25. Thanks for the detailed info. Over the past 2yrs I had 2 occasions were the engine died while sitting at a stop light and another time it die as I excellerated during a left turn,and it died as I started to straighten out after the turn. Now I am having start problems. I turn the key on and hear the pump run. Then when I start the engine ,it just spins. I have to spin it for a second and let go,then start it again and it starts. I have 205000 miles. I plan to change the filter and this press reg vlv this week. thanks again

  26. I have a 2000 Chevy Silverado LS that was hard to start. Took to my mechanic, he replaced fuel pump module to the tune of $550.00 big ones. Got it back and still wasn’t right. So I did a little research on net & found this site. I’m forever grateful…truly !! I replaced fuel pressure regulator myself ( I’m a chick ) with help from father. Worst part was the replacing clamp…but everything is running smooth again. Thanks so much for taking the time to demo this. Great Job !!

  27. Wow….what a relief! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this info! I got my new regulator at kragen for 46.00 and new filter for 14.00 . Did mine in the dark with flashlight and made one small mistake! The borg warner reglator comes as a unit with screen and small 0-ring pre-assembled. While removing the old parts, I left the old o-ring(small) in the fuel rail. Needless to say……I figured it out the hard way when I tryed to re-insert the new regulator! Im sharing this because I read two other blogs where readers said they had trouble with re-installation. DONT FORGET TO REMOVE THE OLD O-RING BEHIND THE SCREEN!! You shouldnt have to fight this job at all, if it dosent just slip right in, somethings wrong. You shouldnt have to use c-clamps or anything other than finger pressure. Hope this helped somebody! Adam 1999 4.8

  28. i have a 99 4.8 and i took the old regulator out and tried to put the new one in but it wouldnt go all the way in so i tried the old one again and it went in but now my truck wont start at all. any idea?

  29. I have a 2000 chev silverado 1500 with the 5.3 v8 i drove it to Jacksonville Fl 300 miles away from my house and back. My wife drove my daughter to school the next morning and when i got in the truck it would not start. just turns over like it’s not getting gas, also the fuel gauge has not been working right over the past 6 months, could this be the fuel pump? someone please e/m and tell me what to do. I don’t know anything about how to work on trucks.. thanks

  30. I have a 2000 chev silverado 1500 with the 5.3 v8 i drove it to Jacksonville Fl 300 miles away from my house and back. My wife drove my daughter to school the next morning and when i got in the truck it would not start. just turns over like it’s not getting gas, also the fuel gauge has not been working right over the past 6 months, could this be the fuel pump? someone please e/m and tell me what to do. I don’t know anything about how to work on trucks.. thanks gawfceo [[at]]

  31. Thank you for the write up Ive had some problems couldn’t pin down. Because of this I ordered a new fuel pressure regulator and just changed it out couldnt be easier, and fixed all the problems perfect! Thanks again

  32. if it does not go in on the first try, take it back out and if the small o ring and filter stay in, use your thumb and snap those in first, then the main fuel regulator will go right in and then put in the clip. It worked like a champ for me.

    Thanks for the help, now my 195,000 mile gmc, starts, sounds, and runs like a champ

  33. i just had a fuel pump done this past friday. now this weekend the truck wont start at all.. just turns over and over.
    i’ll try changing the fuel pressure regulator tomorrow and report back

  34. worked like a charm, beats $500 for a new fuel pump, thanks

  35. You are awsome! I also changed the fuel filter while the pressure was off of the fuel system. I turned the key to the run position for about 15 seconds three times, then hit the key and it fired right up! Thanks for the help!


  37. Just wanted to say that u saved me so much money i was about to change my fuel pump. mine was doing the exact thing start rite up in the morning then after that it would be hard to turn it on. but thanks alot pics helped out a bunch!

  38. Great website! The symptoms described were right on the money. I appreciate your detailed instructions and advice. This certainly beats changing the fuel pump and worked like a charm. My 2000 5.3L Silverado runs like it should now. Thanks again!

  39. My 1999 Silverado was hard to start. Bought BWD from O’Rielly for $48.99 and it fixed my truck. Thanks a lot!!! You saved me $$$$$$.


  40. trying to located the fuel pressure regulator on my 1999 Silverado, can’t seem to find can anyone help?????

  41. Bro, your awesome! I followed your steps an fixed my problem.. After i wasted money on a fuel pump,fuel filter,spark plugs,cam sensor an heat sensor… Once again THANKS BRO!

  42. My 1999 siverado has not started right since I had the fuel pump replaced 2 years ago. My mechanic could not figure out why. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and it is back to starting first crank like it used to. Thanks for your help!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I did this part swop after paying a mechanic $280 for a
    tune-up that changed nothing, several diognostic testings and many
    many bad advice by everyone and there mother. I did this in about
    30 minutes this afternoon. Immediately the Idle is better and the
    engine is smoother. I haven’t done a great deal of miles yet. I’ll
    comment in a couple of days on the stalling after quick stops and
    hard starting-where I had to pump excellerator.

  44. I have been looking all over the internet for this kind of
    information. I am glad to have found this web site. I am off to the
    auto parts store for a new fuel pressure regulator. Thanks man,
    Keep on rocking.

  45. I finally got the new regulator to go in all the way. The problem was the little O ring. Its a tight fit. I had to slip it off the regulator and set it in the tube first. After the small O ring was set in place then the regulator slipped right in.
    Starts right up now. I think I hire a mechanic to replace the water pump.

  46. Hey man, great article! I have a 2000 Silverado Z71 with 5.3L and I was having long starts when it was hot just like described above. I changed out the fuel pressure regulator in about 15 minutes and it starts right up every time now, thanks so much!

  47. I have a1999 Silverado . First start of the day was fine. Every start after that, it would crank over 10 to 15 times before starting. Found your site, did the fix in about 10 minutes and it starts right up every time. Engine idles better and runs smoother. The fuel pressure regulator was $54 at Advance. You saved me a bunch of money. Thank you very much.

  48. I have the same symptoms with my 2000 silverado, I started it up and let it run for a few minutes and checked the vacume line at the fuel pressure regulator and it is dry? I have noticed my truck starts on the 1st attempt in cold weather, any suggestions? Wayne

  49. This is awesome info! Thanks a bunch!! I have been riding around for 6 months replacing almost everything that I could think of. Finally came a cross this site with the great pictured instructions! I will be replacing this today and let you know how it goes!

    Thanks again!

  50. Be careful not to drop the small o-ring into the fuel rail assembly as you withdraw it. Maybe stuff a bit of clean rag in the gap below where the o-ring fits before removing it. Of course, I didn’t do that and it fell in, but luckily I managed to pick it out with some angled tweezers. Otherwise, the entire fuel rail assembly would have had to be removed to get it out.

  51. Does anyone know where I can obtain a template for the rear shock “mount” for my 2000 Chev Silverado 4 x 4 extended cab? Can’t buy the part at the dealer so I need to have it made.

  52. The “upper” rear mount.

  53. my regulator is not on the fuel rails where else would it b?

  54. Do you know where it is on the 8.1 liter engine? Thanks

  55. Nice info. But I got a 2000 5.3 vortex silverado 2wd that is having a fluctuating fuel gauge and I am being told its a fuel pump. What’s ur opinion ? I am just shy under 100,000 they say it is common to go out. I am not having any starting problems just the gauge fluctuating is worrying me

  56. From the diagnosis to the pictures on step by step repair cant say thanks enough. Fixed problem , very easy repair because of your time. Thanks again!!

  57. Thanks so much for this write up! I just bought a used 2000 Chevy Silverado 5.3 and same thing, 1st start would be fine. After that it would crank for awhile until I gave it some gas then it would start. Found your site and knew I had the same problem. Went to O’reily’s and bought one for $50. Through it on pretty quickly and it starts right up! Can’t thank you enough you saved me alot of money… and for anyone out there afraid to do this yourself, I am far from a mechanic, if I can do it, you can do it!

  58. Wayne – I have the same symptoms with my 200 4.8L. I figured I would try the pressure regulator but there was no improvement. My pressure checks 56 psi when I first turn on the ignition and then immediately drops to 50 psi. The book says 56 – 62 psi is required but I am not convinced the pump is my problem, although I am running out of ideas.

  59. Great post! Pictures made it fool proof. $55 at Advance Auto / 15 minutes of work. Old regulator came right out, new one went right in. Don’t forget the small o-ring behind the filter screen!!! No need for any C-clamp!!! Thanks for sharing!

  60. Worked like a champ. I did it first thing in the morning when the engine was cold. It took a total of 9 minutes and I was up and running. Sure enough, the screen on the old unit was torn. Thank God for the internet. It could’ve been VERY expensive.

  61. I have a 1999 Silverado with a 6.0. Finding this site was a blessing. Part cost me about $50, and it took me longer to get the tools together than it did to fix my truck. I had to use a C-clamp to hold the regulator in place while I put the clamp back on,( I have a disability in my right hand), other than that it was a piece of cake.

  62. Great info. I have been trying to figure out why my 2000 silverado 5.3L was having trouble starting but did not have much success (I also had problems with the engine dying at times when I slowed down and at times when making a turn at an intersection—because of this, my wife was afraid to drive the truck). Last year I changed the plugs, wires, fuel filter, & have tried fuel additives such as Lucas & Sea Foam. It seems like it ran worse with the Lucas but was doing better after Sea Foam. I recently noticed a gasoline smell & this week realized it was coming from a cracked vacuum connection at the fuel pressure regulator. I found this site & realized the regulator had been my problem had been all along. I got my regulator (Standard –part PR217T) from a local AC Delco parts place for $38. I also had to replace the vacuum line which cost $26 from a Chevy Dealer. The only problem I had with the instal was the small O-ring in front of the filter remained in after removing the filter. I didn’t notice it to begin with —making the new filter not fit. I finally realize what the problem was & got the regulator in without a problem. Also, as an fyi–my engine never started after I pulled the fuel pump relay & a little fuel ran out when I pulled the regulator (about a 1 ounce of fuel). Great info—
    I had talked to several folks but no one ever mentioned checking the fuel pressure regulator. Thanks again. Phil

  63. Changed fuel pressure regulator as described in website. Cured my problem. Thanks! Jack

  64. I have, supposedly, a 1999 Silverado 1500 V8 Vortec. (I say supposedly because I keep running into situations where people tell me it’s NOT a 1999.) Unfortunately, and mysteriously, my regulator is buried underneath the intake manifold cover. Not a fix I’ll be undertaking myself. And here I was all excited.

    Thanks anyway!

  65. have a problem starting my 2000 5.3 silveraldo it will never start on the first time always on the second time . if it is hot it will start on the first time



  67. Dude

    I am here in Australia with 1999 Silverado 5.3l, same problem. Found your site straight away & fixed the problem. Mechanics here were scratching thier heads.

    Worst part though, had to pay $200 for the part here in Oz.

    Thanks man.

  68. Thank you very much for the posting! Changed out the FPR and saved over $200 vs the garage doing it. Truck runs like a champ. A friend of mine who is a former mechanic told me you can skip the removal of the FP relay if you don’t run the truck for a while. I let it sit for about 2 hours after I picked up the part and simply removed the gas cap to relieve the fuel pressure.

  69. I own a 1998 Z71… 350–V-8. bought the fuel pressure regulator it says it takes….. where is it located???Help!

  70. Dan the Man says:
  71. The problem with taking a car/truck to a mechanic is not only the labor but most of the younger mechanics will just throw parts at something till it fixes the issue which nowadays is in most cases. I had a guy swear up and down (a mechanic) that it was my fuel pump. So I went home replaced the FPR and it ran fine after that.

  72. Thanks for the info you just saved me from getting raped and ripped off from the Chevy dealer.
    I followed the instruction above and problem solved. I bought the part @advance for$50/

  73. thanks so much did like you said removed and replaced pressure regulator starts like new again

  74. Just want to say thanks,I had the same problem ..Started good the first time then hard to start. I changed the regulator and now it runs great.
    Make sure you get the oid small “O” ring out before you try to put the new regulator in or it won’t push in all the way(I did not realize there was one in it all ready, it did not come out with the old regulator but I pulled it out with a small wire) then it slid right in.
    Thanks again.

  75. thanks your the best, my truck starts up like a champ you saved me a lot of money and time .

  76. Thanks! I had to leave the small o ring out as it would not fit. Just a couple of comments: It helps to place a rag under as some fuel can drop to hot areas, and also it’s important to know which side of the clam goes where as it is asymetric.
    Thanks again!

  77. Thanks for sharing this. I replaced the regulator but the car (Yukon) still doesn’t idle like it should – but it hasn’t stalled again. note: after pulling the pump relay, i forgot to turn the ignition on and the regulator popped out at me in pieces and spray – lol.

  78. You the man! Saved me a lot of time and trouble. Easy fix but I did still get sprayed in the face, even after removing gas cap, pulling the relay and letting the engine die.

  79. Still having the same hard start once it’s warm. Replaced FPR with no problems, but it didn’t fix it. Whats next? The pump?

  80. You are the man!!! no, no. YOU are the MAN!!!
    Thanks for all the info. Fixed the problem that has been bugging me for months.


  81. Marvin Blackman says:
  82. I attempted to depressurize by removing the fuel pump relay and allowing the engine to run until it would die. but when I removed the relay (yes it was the right one) the engine would not start at all. Afraid to disconnect inthat a post stated that the gas was under approx. 40psi.

  83. The problem I am having with my 2000 Chev silverado 1500 is…when I get to about 60 km per hour, the truck sputters and acts like its gonna quit. I have taken it to mechanic numberous times, many sensors replaced, new fuel pump, new high quality spark plugs, and still having the same problem. When I reach 60 km it starts to act up, but once I am over 80 km, it works great again. Would the above remedy the problem I am having?

  84. Thanks, I also have the same problem I starting my truck after it sits for a while..I was going to replace the gas pump which would have not fixed the problem..going straight to the auto parts after work to buy the part and replace it.. Thanks again for the post.

  85. Replaced the regulator with new AC/Delco due to hard start when warm and still have same problem. What is my next step? Starter continues for a couple of seconds after letting go of key and usually takes second try to get it to start. MAF cleaning? Leaky injector? Any suggestions would be awesome!!!! Thanks!!!

  86. Don Casanova says:
  87. Very good Information. I too was able to solve the same problem that the others had.
    Starts like a new one now.
    Thanks for taking the time to help others.

  88. SUCCESS!! Thanks a million for the awesome detailed instructions/pics for this DIY project! My 2000 Silverado has been hard starting for the better part of 5 months and after spending a week at the shop, mechanic was only able to diagnose a dying fuel pump. $1,000 later and the problem still not fixed I found this thread and had the same issues: started fine in the morning, but hard starts throughout the day. Sure enough, a $50 part that another shop wanted $215 to replace only took me about 30 min to install (never done it before) and everything went smooth. You just saved this penny-pinching grad-student a decent amount of dough. Appreciate it!!

  89. ismael ybarra says:
  90. Just finished installing new regulator, hopefully that was it. Started n ran pretty good. Thanks. Saving alot of poeple money and headaches.

  91. ever romero says:
  92. thanks dis was very usefull u just save a couple of hundred

  93. Just wanted to say thanks for the visual Picts. In the instructions for us do it yourselfers.
    I saved over a $ 100.00 in labor and the truck runs great couldn’t be happier. I found it at pep boys for 49.95 and took about 15 mins. To install .. Once again thanks bro -

  94. I have a 1999 GMC Sierra with the 5.3 and it will idle fine, and drive fine most the time but it will hesitate when i get on the gas sometimes. i checked to see if the regulator was bad by the gas in the vaccum line but there was none. Any idea’s?

    I also have a 1999 Chevy silverado 4.8 that starts hard. I checked the vaccume line and there was no gas, but there is gas around the regulator, like its coming from the 2 lines going into the regulator. Bad regulator or bad seals? Truck will start if you crank for 5 sec. let of, then crank again. ANy ideas?

  95. I have had the same hard start problem (first start is fine) for years and just lived with it since I don’t drive the truck much. But recently had a very hard shifting problem. I asked the mechanics at work and the first thing he asked was does it have trouble starting so I described the problem. He mentioned some of our fleet trucks had similar issues and after replacing the fuel regulator the shifting problem also went away. While researching the fuel regulator I found this post. I just finished replacing the regulator and since I had tools out replaced the filter too for good measure. The truck started fine after replacing the parts. I will test it for a few more days and post the results. However, the shifting problem was intermittent, but hoping this takes care of it. I am pretty confident after reading this it will take care of the hard starting. Thank you so much for this great post as well as all the additional comments from yours guests.

  96. Bill Farmer Jr. says:
  97. My 5.3 would start fine in the morning or after it had set for a couple of hours. The engine would be difficult to start. It never failed to start but would crank and crank and finally start when pumping the gas. When at a stop light I would have to ease the gas pedal to take off…. would not take off….then all of a sudden it would “take-off” with a jerk. I changed air filter and was getting ready to replace the plugs. I stumbled onto your posting. I replaced the pressure regulator and all is well again. Took about twenty minutes. The truck starts without any hesitation. Runs like it did when I bought it new. I thank you very much for your posting. Sure made my day….thanks again.

  98. great post,had this problem for months replaced the FPR and all is well. Thanks

  99. John carter says:
  100. what an awesome website, followed it to the T half hour later it was done. Seems to have worked, keeping our fingers crossed. Thanks a lot for all your help

  101. Can’t thank you enough. Saved me a bunch of money and my truck runs like a top again. TY

  102. I have a 2000 Chevy Tahoe and this solved the exact problem I was having with my 5.3. Your step by step instructions were perfect, thanks a million and a half

  103. Just replaced and it works like a champ now also did the fuel filter at the same time.
    1999 5.3L Chevy Silverado 83,000 miles

  104. bottomless says:
  105. Thanks for the tip, especially the play by play and pics. It was a little more difficult than replacing a light bulb and easier than changing a tire. I’ve been to my mechanic 5 times over 1.5 years and ended up with a new fuel pump and the usual assessment which interestingly did change the character of the problem a little but didn’t fix it. I did have the same issue above-no cranking without the relay-but knew to be standing out of the way when the gas sprayed. It seems fixed so far. Where is the donate button?
    1999 5.3L Silverado 169,000 miles

  106. Thank you sooo much!!! It was easy to do thanks to your step by step instructions.Who knows how much did I save by doing it my self!!! Thanks again.
    2000 5.3L Silverado 139,000 miles.

  107. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I think I would never
    understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

  108. Johnny Gilbreth says:
  109. Man what a web site I was just fixing to take my truck to the shop for same reason my wife drives it and didn’t want her down Went to autozone 47.00 put in and bam runs better than new. Thanks.

  110. Eric Larson says:
  111. Thanks! This problem coincided with changing my spark plugs, Thought maybe it was related, glad I found this site. Changed the fuel pressure regulator and starts like new. Saved me from buying and installing a new set of plugs for nothing! 2000 Silverado 5.3 L 222,000 Miles.

  112. AWESOME!! Worked and was easy to replace. I used a largo channel locks to hold the fule pressure reg in so I can place the clamp back on – SIMPLE and my truck starts first crank now – happy happy happy

  113. I am so thankful I found this site. I had taken my truck into a shop and they said it was the fuel filter. After they replaced that I still had the same problems. So I went and bought the FPR and installed it myself. I am a female who just turned 55 and have been doing all the work myself (except fuel pump way back and the fuel filter). I have done all other maintence on my truck since day one and I have over 227,500 miles on her and she runs brand new again. So thank you again. I will always come to this site if I ever need anthing else to work on my truck myself.

  114. Forgot to mention my truck is a 2000 Silverado 4.8L. I also called the shop I took it too and told them that I had fixed the problem of hard starting myself and they sounded dumb founded. Couldn’t believe first that a women fixed it and it only cost 50.00 and 30 min. of my time including gathering tools, going to buy part. So thank you again.

  115. Beau Knauff says:
  116. I need help I have read all post attached to this and not much help. I have a 2000 Tahoe with a 5.3 in it. I changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, throttle position sensor, mass air flow sensor, and fuel pressure regulator. It starts after a few cracks and idles great but as soon as I hit the gas it bogs down. Can anyone help me im stranded 960 miles from home for Christmas and advanced auto is only open 2 more hours.

  117. 2000 silverado 4.8L
    Wow! Fixed! Yippie!
    I love it when I can barely turn it over and it fires right up. This solved my problem.
    Hard starts, gas gauge jumping around, hesitates when driving on a cold engine.
    It would not fit with the little o-ring. Could not find the old when I removed it so hopefully it does not require it.
    Also had a left over metal clip.
    Thanks a million!

  118. Excellent write-up. Just did this to my 99 Sierra 2500 and it worked like a charm. There were two FPR’s to choose from one was $56 and the other $73. The quality of the two was visibly apparent so I bought the $73 one. Plus with a AAA discount at the local NAPA I saved a few bucks.

    It should be repeated as another poster said to make sure you have removed the old tiny o-ring. When I first pulled the old FPR out the “old” o-ring was still seated in the housing on the post. If you try to install the new unit like this, there will be resistance that will not allow the new FPR to seat correctly.

    I did need to engage a little extra pressure with a clamp to get the unit to seat properly. Maybe I just have weak thumbs…

  119. Jim Joubert says:
  120. I had tis problem in 2005. Start great when cold,then had to pump gas pedal to start when warm. Gas gauge would go to zero while driving and then back to correct. Took it to dealer. Had it for one whole day and found nothing wrong. Six months later service engine soon light came on and truck started running rough. They had the truck for ONE WHOLE WEEK and could not figure it out! I finally talked directly to the tech working on it and told him the story. He diagnosed the culprit right then. Fuel pressure regulator. Got my truck back ,PLUS a $1100 service bill, and it ran like new,With it’s new $70 part!!!! It’s now 2013 and same symtoms are showing up. Wonder how much it will cost time?GREAT TRUCK!!! But no service bulletins for this minor problem?

  121. Nathan Johnson says:
  122. Great info on the site, replaced regulator in 30 min. Truck works fine now. Thanks

  123. Cliff Rich says:
  124. I’m having a hard start problem but mine started out when cold starting. Now has gotten to everytime you start it takes two to three attempts. Cold or hot. This has been going on for about three weeks now and the “service engine soon” light just came on yesterday. Do I have a FPR issue or something else? Help!! Please!

  125. Hi.
    Great post and website. Many thanks for all you are doing!

    My issue is slightly different.
    My truck (2000 Silverado 4.8) would not start after sitting for an hour or more unless I let the pump build up the pressure before cranking it.
    New FPR did not help – Old one works fine – no fuel in the vacuum line.
    Once started, runs perfect. New pump just installed.
    Please help!

  126. I was driving my 2000 gmc yukon yesterday when all of a sudden it just died and wouldn’t start, I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and it still won’t start cam someone plz help me????????

  127. This may be the most helpful page on the entire internet.

    I was “sure” that I needed to replace my fuel pump, which is a terrible job. I read these instructions, went to my local NAPA and bought the FPR ($80). I timed myself when I did the repair, it took 4:34.
    I should’ve spent another minute or two on step #3. Gas shot out of the fuel rail when I removed the FPR because there was still pressure in the line. Here’s what I learned from my project.
    1. Keep your mouth shut when removing the FPR. Gasoline is not delicious.
    2. The new FPR fits tightly. I used a big channel lock pliers to gently seat the valve.
    3. With these instructions, most anybody can make this repair. If I can do it, so can you.

  128. Thanks this work great! I was going to change out the plugs and wires. Ran across this website and the symptom were spot on. So I thought I would give it a try. Worked great and runs well again.

  129. hey man, much appreciated. thanks for the time,money and hassle saved my trucks doing the same thing

  130. lol i was thinking fuel pump to

  131. LUIS SANCHEZ says:
  132. Slapped part in five minutes started up like new thank you very much.

  133. 2000 Silverado hard to start when very cold. New fuel pump, pressure regulatorand filter ,but will not start unless I use short start cycles, several in a row. I can’t just hold the start cycle on.When the sun has the hood warm, there is no problem only when it is extremely cold. This has been the second fuel pump in about 5 years–and only 290350 miles. Nothing lasts long any more except us old guys. Help

  134. Robert Caylor says:
  135. The fuel rail has a Shraeder valve on the passenger side for relieving fuel pressure. Remove the plastic cap and depress the valve to release pressure. No need to open the gas cap or remove the fuel pump relay.

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