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Virtual Keyboard

Someone has finally invented the virtual keyboard. I wonder if you can have it make a satisfying clicking noise when it thinks you have typed a key?

The old web

I have the entire original site archived. That’s one amazing splash page

RDC-i700 802.11 ready digital camera

Ricoh just announced a new mid to high range 3.4 megapixel digital camera for about $1,300. It has a 3.5 inch touch screen with a stylus. It is also capable of ftp’ing, emailing, or faxing the images directly from the camera as well as surfing the web via a spiffy little web browser. Sounds like a nice package. Another nice feature is the fact that the screen flips over to protect itself, and did I mention it has 802.11. Cool.


Take the time to check out these amazing sites.

War Driving – WiFi antenna booster

A popular hacking past time among rural Minnesota dorks, is war-driving. Hackers actually leave the house and go driving around neighborhood looking for wireless (802.11b) networks.

A tool that greatly aids their search is a Pringles can, seriously. Apparently with a few household items (simple how-to and shopping list) you can boost your easily boost your signal by 15%, and a lot more with a little know how. Another site has an antenna shootout that compares different kinds of cans to see which produces the most signal gain.

This has been around for a while, but I thought I would mention it for practical reasons. Like, for example, if you want to be able to access your wireless network from your garage you could place one of these wave guides out there. Or if your walls use the old thick sheet-rock and your having trouble getting signal in some parts of your house. Oh hell, mostly it’s just for stealing your neighbors bandwidth, so watch for renegade dorks with Chunky Soup or Pringles cans aimed at your front porch. – cinnamon challage and more

Much to my delight, Michael overhauled, the site most commonly recognized as “that one site where the guy eats a lot of cinnamon then pukes.” Aside from the nice layout, the coolest new feature is the ability to add dare money with paypal to see that a challenge is met. You can also suggest new challenges. Enough people already chipped in the required dough to see a guy eat 12 oz’s of tabasco, (if you’re thinking it couldn’t be done, you’re wrong)

What a freekin’ brilliant way to make some cash, and get linked up the wazoo.

My favorite quote from stinkfactor (on dry-heaves): Stomachs can play tricks, like the “invisible barf” trick.

Best place to steal designs from

My favorite place to steal designs from study design has been Pirated-Sites because if it’s worth stealing it must be good. Actually it is a great place because the webmaster always points to some great sites.

US Treasury needs ones and fives.

Like a gigantic neon sign of displaying to the world our country is in an economic-downturn, the US Treasury Department needs ones and fives.

Mostly Harmless – blog of note

Mostly Harmless, one of my all-time favorite weblogs, has received a significant upgrade. The site backend is now powered by Movable Type, so it’s no longer hand updated (see web design techniques circa 1992). Hopefully he will post more frequently *nudge nudge*. Do yourself a favor and go check it out (and update your URL’s). The more you read, the more you will like this weblog.

How much sangria?

For those of you who are new bloggers; aiming your sites high to become quasi-famous like Ev, Jish and such. I think it’s time to lower your sites a little. On second thought, you’d better lower them a little more.

MarchFirst – the demise

Because it’s customary to talk about MarchFirst (the company – er used to be) on march first — here’s a link to the top 100 dot-com blunders. Take special note of number 3. Here is the gist:

E-business consultancy MarchFirst launches a national branding campaign in June 2000. The campaign’s main goal, executives say, is not to bring in new business, but to enable them to recruit employees. Price tag: $50 million. The company has since laid off 2,100 employees.

I would also like to add, out of business. This guy had to mention on his resume that what happened to the company’s stock wasn’t his fault. I think the long list of laid off bloggers was significantly due to MarchFirst.

Time to retrench, everyone

I’ve been posting to this weblog for a length of time approaching 2 years. I’ve at times lost focus on what I want to accomplish with this my weblog adventure. I’ve slacked and posted the obligatory popular link from Day Pop or Kottke. I’ve posted the trite “I don’t have anything to post about” post, but from now on I will do better, for I have a weblog creed. This creed, Write a Better Weblog written by Dennis Mahoney for A List Apart, should be – in my opinion – required reading for anyone just starting a weblog, or anyone who has been blogging for years. It explains exactly why sites like LYD, Kottke, and Fury are so popular. Web readers require pith (read: significance, importance).

Anna Kournikova Photo Sweepstakes

Finally, spam worth reading. When I win, I will be auctioning off the other three tickets on ebay. I’m sure it will bring in more than those segway’s everyones talking about – a segway calender …. yeah, that’ll sell.

Voltron in my office

Let’s talk about how cool it would be to have voltron in my office.

Bumper Dumper

YES! My Bumper Dumper is on it’s way! (chalk this one under sick and wrong)

Circus urge

After years of regret and self doubt, this video finally convinces me that it was a good thing I never joined the circus. That, and all the midgets, they freak me out.

Tiffany to pose for Playboy

Yes the rampant rumors are true, Tiffany (yes that Tiffany) will be Posing for Playboy, and is in next months issue. Umm, yeah. [via winter blunderland]

Web copy style guide

To quote Steve Stifler “I don’t know man, that sounds like a lot of work!” This writing guide says I’m supposed to tell you that was sracism, screw that.

Internet, the level playing field

I’ve been emailing back and forth with this guy that last few days helping him with BlogScript, and such. The entire time in my minds eye I’m picturing a regular Joe, young web type guy with his own domain and weblog, I think you know what I mean. I decide to check out his site, and I’m impressed. I love his photos and such, clean site, and I’m thinking to myself “…this guy, he has a knack for making simple things look really cool, like MTV cool”. So I follow the resume link, low and behold he is the visual effects supervisor guru, and MTV is all over his resume — not to mention a truckload of other jobs that are so much more interesting than, developer.

AdCritic Replacement – Super Bowl Commercials

Since the demise of I’ve been searching for a good source. At least iFilm has Super Bowl commercials.

State of the Union Drinking Game

If only I had known before the State of the Union Address that there was a drinking game. [via: The Presurfer]

Create a book cover

Create your own O’Reilly books covers, you know the ones.

Least used E-BBreviations

Satirewire has gone to a lot of trouble to track down the least used e-bbreviations.

600 Gigahertz iBook!

Finally the megahertz gap has been blown open in Apple’s favor. You can now by 600 gigahertz iBooks at amazon.
Update:They fixed it so it says Megahertz now. I’ll find a screenshot, or not.

Ben Brown Show: The Science Episode

The Ben Brown Show may contain the most useful information available, anywhere. Also, he needs a job — he needs a job damn bad.

Google Tip

The nice folks at google have added language support for Pig Latin, Elmer Fudd, and for the geek in you – hacker which I can’t read at all. Though, there are sources for those like me who are 1337 speak illiterate. So, if you like any of these, or you actually would like it in a real language, you can edit your google preferenes , and change the interface language settings.

Automan Computer?

Thank Johnathon Ive that the PC world doens’t follow Intel’s ideas for what PC’s should look like. An automan computer? Call me a non-visionary, but come-on, why does a computer need to be in a foot-stool?

What dot-bomb?

Zeldman satirically try’s to calm the masses about the industry collapse, or lack there of. See, it isn’t a good time to build a laid off dot-commers site, Zeldman knows all. [via: BlahStuff]

The Cinnamon Dare

I don’t know if you caught this, but this guy bet his friend that he couldn’t eat a tablespoon of cinnamon without spitting any out or taking a drink. His friend said “I’ll take that bet“. I never knew it would be so hard to do.

Basically Useless

Enter a surname into the form on this site and you’ll get a map of the United States showing the distribution of people with this surname within the 50 United States. Looks like I must be from Texas.

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