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Oh my! For at least the remainder of 2006, skype is offering no strings attached, free calls to any land line or moble phone as long as both where you’re calling from and to are in the US. This is your chance to try a landline, VOIP, or Vonage alternative!

15 May 2006

Free Internet Calls to Land Lines

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Send a text message like “Taxi 56301” to 46645 (googl on most phones) and you’ll get a text message response of local a few local taxi. Works for pizza, phone numbers, area codes etc. Basically it’s free 411 and you don’t have to talk to anyone. More info here:

7 Oct 2004

Text message google, get questions answered.

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Who didn’t see this coming? Give a guy an inconspicuous, tiny camera that he carry’s with him anywhere and everywhere – guess what he’ll use it for? Yup, taking pictures for mobile asses dot com.

13 Aug 2003

Pervert Dream Gadget

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If you’ve never heard of eggpost, here is a snippit:

Now, don’t the wrong idea, I’m not pasting these in to mock anyone, I actually have a simple message: Dear teenaged males of America, with your baggy pants and ironic nerd hair: You have turned all the teenaged females of America into lesbians, good work. Do you think there were this many teenaged lesbians 10 years ago? Sorry, there weren’t. I am not judging you, just letting you know.

And here are the archives. I saw this on but it’s waiting for me in my inbox too.

23 Jul 2003

Eggpost is Back

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I was searching on the movie database at and busted a gut when I saw the Celebrity Photos banner ad that they have on the left hand side of the page. Someone just doesn’t fit the profile. Click the images and see if you can pick the one that doesn’t belong?

10 Jul 2003

Which One of These is Not Like the Other Ones

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Have you seen the Bush and Blair duet? Careful, it may bring tears to your eyes.

25 Feb 2003

Political humor

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coverA 1980 article in the Washington Monthly entitled “Beam Us Out of This Deathtrap, Scotty!” gives a scary description of the heat resistant tiles on the ship. Here are a few quotes:

“Columbia must be fitted out with 33,000 of these tiles, each to be applied individually, each unique in shape… they’re also a bit of a letdown in another respect–they’re so fragile you can hardly touch them without shattering them. “

“Fixing them to the Columbia without breaking them is like trying to eat a bar of Bonomo Turkish Taffy without cracking it. Most of the technicians swarming over Columbia are trying to glue down tiles. The tiles break so often, and must be remolded so painstakingly, the installation rate is currently one tile per technician per week.”

“The tiles are the most important system NASA has ever designed as “safe life.” That means there is no back-up for them. If they fail, the shuttle burns on reentry. If enough fall off, the shuttle may become unstable during landing, and thus un-pilotable. The worry runs deep enough that NASA investigated installing a crane assembly in Columbia so the crew could inspect and repair damaged tiles in space. (Verdict: Can’t be done. You can hardly do it on the ground.)

So, even if the Astronauts went on a space walk and saw the damaged tiles, they couldn’t fix them.

“According to the computers, as long as you can bring the shuttle back into the atmosphere, you can fly it to the airfield even if the tiles are damaged. Former Apollo astronaut Richard Cooper doubts the computers know what they’re meeping about.”

” Computers have never flown with the unpredictable combination of damaged tiles that a shuttle may experience. They’ve never been whacked by a sudden, nonprogrammed gust of jetstream wind. They’ve never flounced like a twig on the crazy rapids of “bias”–the bland physics term for unexplained variations in the earth’s gravitational and magnetic fields. These are the wild, uncharted rivers of space. Unknown; unknowable; beyond programming.”

3 Feb 2003

Hindsight is 20/20, well so is foresight this time

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“Some hookers were line dancing at the end of my street.

One of them tripped.

So we had a ho down.”

[via AKA Cooties]

31 Jan 2003

Ho down

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And the URL of the day goes to…

4 Jan 2003

URL of the day

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Here is an excerpt from Andrew Orlowski’s interview with the CEO of Sun.

Q: “When’s the last time you spoke to Gates, when did you last have a conversation?”

A: “I haven’t talked to Gates recently. I talked to Ballmer – we played golf. I was one round behind him – but I didn’t hit him.”

8 Dec 2002

Register interviews Sun

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