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Internet is down for MN charter communications customers. Strangely I can reach google and and all other urls fail.

Update: It’s back up. I’m not sure if this news is the cause of the outage or a smokescreen for the outage.

30 Jun 2009

Charter Internet is down for the Entire State

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Just received this text: “Its gonna be perfect to mow and apparently michael jackson died!”

25 Jun 2009

Just received this text: “Its …

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I’ve become a fan of the elephant dung drinking… urine drinking… bug eating survival guy on Mav vs Wild. Thanks to a tip from Jake, there is specific, corroborated evidence that he’s pretty much faked all the coolest parts of the show. Once I fix my tivo (dead drive), I’ll still probably watch the show, looking for the wires, life jackets and trick photography.

(oh, the can’t say glacier comment… he pronounces it glossy-a)

15 Aug 2007

Bear Grylls, can’t say glacier and is a big faker

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First we have mountain lions here in Minnesota… now we have to deal with a sasquatch too? There is actual video of a bigfoot (of the non-monster-truck ilk).

And yes, I totally believe it. Seriusly. No-really.

21 Mar 2006

Ely Minnesota Big-Foot

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The St. Cloud Minnesota Water Treatment Facility (WTF) issued a water boil ordinance for St. Cloud and St. Augusta late last night due to multiple positive tests for E. coli bacteria. The cause of the contamination to the water-supply is typically human or animal feces. All St. Cloud schools were closed for the day and there were long lines for water at the local grocery stores.

A day off for a heavy snowfall is a snow-day… so what are the students calling it? Poopy-water day?

Learn more here on google news.

21 Feb 2006

St. Cloud WTF and E. Coli Bacteria

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Unless you live under a rock and hate baseball, you’re aware that our defensively fantastic first baseman, Doug Menquevich Doug Mienkievicz Dougie Baseball was traded to the Boston Redsox. The strange thing was, the Sox were actually here in town for a three game series, and doug basically traded dugouts before the game and put on a new uniform. Crazy.

In light of this news I’d like to announce a silent auction for a Large Twins Doug Mientkiewicz T-Shirt. It’s slightly used – only worn twice, but in great condition.

Update: The Tribune on Doug’s departure – Quiet comes to ‘loudest locker’.

2 Aug 2004

Business of Baseball

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If you watched the Twins game last night, you know about “The Hit”. Not a base hit or a home run, but the full speed linebacker hurt that Hunter laid down on the White Sox catcher on a tag up run home. They will be playing that highlight for years to come. It takes a lot to get ESPN to talk about the small market Twins, but that hit got front page.

Apparently the Sox fans weren’t too happy about the play. I can’t imagine why? Torii only went about 3 feet out of his way and then, Schpladow! No big deal.

When Hunter went to the on-deck circle to bat in top of the ninth, fans showered him with taunts and heckling. One fan took it too far, allegedly threatening Hunter’s life, and sparked a brief heated exchange before the fan was escorted away by security.

“When I heard ‘I’ll kill you,’ I lost it,” Hunter said. “Don’t talk about it in front of these kids. … Somebody should have gotten him out of there a long time ago.

“The guy was reaching over … I was hoping he’d come on the field so I could whup his ass. I can’t go in the stands, but if you come on the field, that’s a free ass whupping. That’s stupid, I’ve got a bat in my hands.”

27 Jul 2004

The Hit

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“The University of Wisconsin-Madison students say in their lawsuit that Madison taverns that agreed to eliminate weekend drink specials committed felony violations and that the victims of price fixing are entitled to triple damages under antitrust law.” (Madison Capital-Times)

Keep fighting the good fight Madison.

30 Mar 2004

Booze Cartel

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Ok, NASA now has two, 384 pound robot rovers on Mars. They’re cruising about, “performing experiments” to reportedly look for signs of water and martians.

Yeah right. Think about it. A room full of MIT geniuses with a billion dollars at their disposal – what are they going to build? Exactly.

This is all a giant cover up for a geeked out long distance robot war. Just like the trip to the moon was just to build hype for the Star Wars and Star Trec movies to air in the ’70’s.

I’ll be taking bets on which robot wins. Odds are 3 to 1 in favor of Opportunity. Spirit has been having technical difficulties; whereas, Opportunity has had only one problem, a “heater” that keeps turning on unnecessarily. My sources tell me that this is in fact a flame thrower that the uber’s are testing out, prepping for battle.

2 Feb 2004

NASA Robot Wars

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If you want to watch any of the super bowl ads again, you can stream them at iFilm.

The TiVo came in handy during the halftime show. A “shocking surprise” was promised during Super Bowl halftime show, you can say that again. Just as Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake wrapped up Timberlake’s hit song Rock Your Body with the lyric “Gonna have you naked by the end of this song,” Justin ripped away the cloth covering Janet’s right breast. I hit the TiVo instant replay button to be sure it just happened. Yup, it did, and it was planned and approved by CBS.

1 Feb 2004

Super Bowl Ads and Halftime Shark Jump

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