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Fooling Bald Eagle

Bald EagleOn April Fools day Brad tried to trick his dad by telling him there was an eagle outside. The following day, on Brad’s birthday, an eagle really did land in the white pine in their front yard.

Carnac the Great NCAA Predictor

brackets.gifThe March Madness has proven too much for my future telling skills this year. As it turns out, I can’t see into the future. My brackets are a complete mess. Going into the sweet-sixteen I had a mere eight teams left. As of now… I have one Final-Four team remaining. Go UCON, I guess…

Eagle Guarding Deer

Eagle Guarding DeerA young deer was hit by a car near my parents house and a bald eagle found the carcass. My mom has been taking photos with her 3x optical zoom from inside the house. This photo out the living room window. Aparently the eagle is so aware of it’s surroundings that it will fly away if a window is opened, 80 yards away.

New 15 inch PowerBook

New 15Put the old laptop in “target disk mode” (hold down the ‘T’ key during startup) and it will act like an external drive to whatever computer you plug the firewire cable into. Copy the files over at 400 MB/Sec and it’s all set to go; configured, with all my files, applications, and settings.


Update:So now there’s the new, 5 times faster, MacBook Pro. I feel pretty much like this.

Snickers Toupet for Christmas… thanks Ash.

Snickers Toupet for Christmas... thanks ash.If you don’t get this, click this link then click on ‘bald’

Overanxious plow crew in Waite Park

Overanxious plow crew in Waite ParkLooks like the Waite Park, MN snowplow crew were excited to try out their new equipment. 16 foot plow and 12 foot wing blade on the side… for a "trace" snow fall.

Pfff, Pffff… is this thing on?

Hey look! I still have a weblog!

Also, I have a link to Noel Unplugged. (listen carefully for groupies in the background)

Ball mark repair tool anyone?

Ball mark repair tool anyone?A group of coworkers and I hit the Territory golf course of St. Cloud, MN on Friday. Six I.T. guys couldn’t say no to the new GPS systems they just added to their golf carts.

The course played a bit longer after all the rain we received last week and they had just aerated the first cut of fringe on the greens but other than that the course was great considering. I literally stuck my approach shot from 118 yards on the second hole (pictured), no bounce, no back spin, no roll, just a big ole hole and the ball sitting in it.

Yes, I missed the 6 footer for bird.

[photographer credit: JH]

Save us?!?

Save us?!?I sent a mass text message to about 10 people on Sunday during half-time of the Vikings game. (Bengals were up 27 rip at the time.)

Me: Go Bengals! Fuck!

Noel: Fucking beautiful
Patches: This is horrible!
Josh (packer fan): Sweet go sharper
BT: Son of a… 6 quarters and no offensive TD
V: Screw the vikers
BT: What the Hell!
Ozzy: Don’t know about you but I’ve always been a bengals fan

Fun Stats!
50% of possessions result in turnovers.
At one point in the game, Daunte was throwing an interception every six passes.
Bengals had 17 penalties wiping out one touchdown and two Culpepper fumbles deep in Vikings territory and were still ahead 37-0.
Daunte has 10 turnovers in 2 games.
2 fumbles that were recovered by the Bengals were given back due to inconsequential penalties.
We’re down 37 nothing with 4 minutes left, and go for two, followed by an onside kick… sometimes you don’t go with ‘the chart’ and you cut your losses.
Vikings defense gave up 504 yards and 26 first downs

P.S. The Vikings are only one game out of first in the NFC. Whew.

First tee box at the Preserve

First tee box at the Preserve
This year was the second annual Grand View Lodge trip, though it was the first year I attended so don’t go digging through the archives looking for last years story.

As you may or may not know, Minnesota has more golf courses per capita than any other state in the U.S.. Grand View, our destination, is a resort in the Brainerd Lakes area of central Minnesota. Six of us bought a stake in the Michael Jordan sweet of Grand View for three days and two nights of golf and well, you’ll see. It’s a pad worthy of a spot on MTV’s Cribs complete with Pool table, Foosball table, 60 inch TV, Fireplace, Granite counter tops, and one of those multi-headed showers – not to mention the big pimpin’ grill outside!

The lakes area is chock full of courses and we were lucky enough to get to play a couple of the best. The first day we hit up my favorite of the trip for me, The Preserve. The course was in amazing condition and set up for a tournament the upcoming weekend. That means long rough, wet fairways, and fast greens. We played the first round for points, 10 bucks a piece, winner take all.

Here’s the breakdown for scoring.

  • 1 pt. Fairway
  • 1 pt. Green in Regulation
  • 1 pt. Par
  • 2 pt. Birdie
  • 3 pt. Eagle
  • Mac won the dough in what was mostly a blowout. Damn scratch golfers.

    That night we grilled some steaks and corn on the cob before a round of poker. Mac won the poker too in a sweep for the day’s festivities. The first day was a Monday so the nightlife was a bit dismal. We passed the time with an over-the-top arm wrestling challenge. The sober bar tender dominated this event, but only after everyone else was too tired to have any gunpowder left in the guns – and did I mention he was sober. Yeah, cheater.

    Upon returning home there was a steak fight followed by a wrestling challenge. I’ll just let the video describe the rest of this evening.

    The following day there were a few sore people, but I’ve no idea why. We played the Deacons that day. The game was a team best ball, and thankfully I was on Mac’s team cause he shot like 4 over himself. I was less impressed by this course and much preferred

    iPod Nano Phone Cover

    If I were a plastics man I’d build some kind of hybrid cell phone cover / iPod Nano carrier. With the ipod the less than a quarter inch think, you could easily piggyback it onto many phones today… and get you past that whole mp3’s on a cellphone being a user experience nightmare.

    A leather case with a pouch of the kangaroo ilk for your iPod would work as well, but i think a plastic phone cover mod that it snaps into would be more streamlined and with many phones today it would still be smaller than a sprintel phone.

    Yeah, make that someone, and send me the profits.

    Cole’s keg stand

    Cole's keg standI had my ten year high school reunion last weekend. Damn I’m old. Anyway, Cole was in Africa so he couldn’t make it so some people got a blow up doll and put his face on it. We all signed it and posed for pictures with him, and then we’re going to ship it all off to him. He got into a lot of precarious positions that night.

    The day included a round of golf at Izaty’s, beach volley ball, a chill in the pool, fear factor, a dvd-slideshow viewing, dinner on the balcanoy, Sunshine Behavior playing for an hour, a visit to the Bay View street dance, and finally a keg party at a classmates

    It was a really great time.

    Instant Drive-shaft Removal

    Instant Drive-shaft RemovalI’ve discovered the easiest way to remove half of a drive-shaft this weekend. While trying to launch the ’76 vette at the starting line, I destroyed the drive-shaft to the right rear tire. They used a shovel to clean up the parts, and I had to be towed back to the pits. My dad didn’t even try to kill me, which is nice.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July!

    SBC Park

    SBC ParkI went to a Giants game while at the WWDC. I tied the infamous "Garlic Fries" with a hot dog and beer… for only $19. Beer, $8.00. Fries, $6.00. "Super dog" $5.00. That’s right, hotdog (I asked for a "Dome Dog" but the waitress just looked at me strangely) It was messed up, a "Giant Dog" is smaller than a super dog. Also, no cheese curds, no corn dogs – no anything on a stick for that matter. It was just plain odd.

    Did I mention that it was 30 degrees colder here in San Fran than it was in Minneapolis today? Nice.

    What’s next? No hot towels?

    I’m flying out to San Francisco on Sunday to attend the Apple Computer World Wide Developers Conference. I’ll by flying out Northwest and they had the gall to actually start charging for the once free pretzels.

    Watching Orginal Star Wars after Episode III

    I have a weblog and therefor I must spew forth a review of all things Star Wars. So, I saw Episode III Revenge of the Sith and I was quite impressed — albeit with low expectations going in. After the last two craptastic Episodes my hopes were not high. If you took the time to watch all the others, you may as well watch this one, as there is a significant amount of action to make it worth while.

    Seeing as how the series is now “complete”, I thought I’d continue on to the next episode. I popped in the original star wars (episode IV) shortly after I watched the new one… Big mistake.

    All the super jedi master skills of the thrid, made the light-saber skills of old man obi-one versus the mighty vader look like a couple of 5 year olds with sticks. Granted it was filmed in the 70’s but come on, did’t anyone know how to wield a light-saber back then?

    Get your own whizzinator

    If you haven’t heard, Onterrio Smith of the Vikings was caught at an airport with a device designed to help someone cheat on a piss test. If you’re in that market, there’s more info here.

    Large garbage day

    Large garbage dayTwice a year where I live we can leave basically anything at the end of the driveway and the garbage men will take it away. I a ton of junk, including: 2 computer monitors, TV, Lawn mower, door, kitchen table, kennel, all my scrap wood from my deck, a pallet, tons of boxes, shop-vac, bags of random garbage, and more.

    Cost? Free.

    More testing of the new “TV”

    More testing of the new "TV"Whoever said size doesn’t matter hasn’t had a 100″ DLP TV.

    This was at the wrong resolution so the screen is stretched here. After I did some tweaking it got even bigger, and more crisp. Plus this is such a low light photo.

    Not bad for under $500. 1080i, 720p, native 16:9. It’s about as cheap as a projector as you can get that will still work as a Home theater system.

    Yes, life-size socom boys.

    Bring enough for everyone?

    Bring enough for everyoneThis was in our visitor parking lot at work. If you’re going to be rollin in one of these, be sure you bring enough to share with everyone– or at least a bikini team or something.

    See the Future

    Think you’ve found that perfect someone to grow old with? Well use this site to see if you can stand to look at them 40 years from now. Or, even easier, look at their parents.

    Adobe to Buy Macromedia

    Adobe Systems Inc. earlier on Monday revealed its intent to purchase San Francisco-based software rival Macromedia for an estimated US$3.4 billion.

    Adobe said:

    together, the two companies will meet a wider set of customer needs and have a significantly greater opportunity to grow into new markets, particularly in the mobile and enterprise segments.

    That’s executive speak for: “without any competition we’ll be making fat-coin yo!”

    Twins Home Opener

    Twins Home OpenerWe ended up about 7 rows up in the upper deck. About as good as it gets for 6 dollar tickets.

    Mmmmmm dome dogs.

    Fajitas, Round 2

    Fajitas, Round 2After the first attempt of fajitas on the grill (see also: feet-meat), I made sure I was the one who picked the steak. Top sirloin works much better. Thanks JH for the recipe.

    Stench Locator

    Stench LocatorThis is Lilly seconds before she rolled in a pile of fish guts.

    New Toy

    New ToyI switched from my trusty canon digital elph to a nikon coolpix 7900. It’s a 7.1 effective megapixel camera with a ton of scene modes that the canon s410 that I previously owned just didn’t. If I don’t like it, I’ll sell it on ebay. It’s only slightly larger that the elph, but has a ton more horsepower.

    Ok, I’ll be honest, it has a party mode and I just couldn’t resist.

    Original iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod 1G 2G

    Original iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod 1G 2GI’m selling an Original iTrip FM Transmitter for iPod first and second generations… Check out the acution here on Ebay.

    Red Lake Minnesota School Shootings (hate crime)

    Nazi forum posts by Minnesota school shooter Jeff Weise. (News)

    His Live Journal weblog contains phrases just as chilling and angry.

    So I have pneumonia

    So I have pneumoniaI hope these “Made in Germany” antibiotics throw a blitzkrieg at this sickness. I’ve been sick for 4 weeks.

    It sucks.

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