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Texas Hold em Rules you may not know.

Texas hold ’em rules you may not know. Tells how to properly handle mis deals, accidentially exposed cards, cards flopped too early, too many flopped cards etc.

Hurricane Ivan Desktop

Here is a sweet desktop photo (aka wallpaper) of Hurricane Ivan taken from the Space Station.

Cool military stuff

Sweet military vids.

Windows Security Checklist

If you’re having problems with spyware, popups, and other crap on your pc, here’s a good starting list to keep your computer running smooth.

No Float

Crap. I have to revamp my entire bill paying cycle because ëfloatí time on checks soon to disappear.

Poker Chip Deal

Want to have your own 11.5 gram poker chips like everyone else is buying off ebay for 80 to 130 bucks? You can get them here for $40.

Brand Whoring

Olympic brand-whoring attains new low (no one can attend the games while drinking Pepsi)

Drunk Dial Protection

Drunk dial protection may soon be a reality.

Nerd alert!

Someone find this kid and punch him for me.

I’m Rich Bitch!

I’m rich bitch! Dave Chapelle’s new contract lands him $50,000,000. It also sets up a movie deal to star in an adaptation of the autobiography of Rick James, the funk veteran whom Chappelle has lampooned on “Chappelle’s Show.”


Motorola v3 Razor

If I had boatloads of cash, I think I’d buy the new Motorola V3 “Razor” Phone.

Think Armstrong is juiced

Think Armstrong is juiced? Did you forget that he has a super mutant heart.

Tech Lag

In Japan you can watch TV on your cell phones, but we’re just getting the hang of text messaging here in the states.

Refurbished iPod 10GB for $169, 30GB for $279

Refurbished iPod 10GB for $169, 30GB for $279

The horror

Oh the horror! A man found a MOUSE IN HIS MILLER LITE. Hold me.

Tour de France blog

Tour de France blog.

Homemade flame thrower

Homemade flame thrower

Look out Redmond

Look out Redmond.

Ben Affleck Wins Poker Tourneyment

Apparently Ben Affleck just won the No Limit Hold’em Championship pulling in over $350,000. He beat out seasoned pro’s such as Stan Goldstein, Ty Nguyen, and Amir Vahedi at the final table.

5 reasons to buy a hummer

5 reasons to buy a Hummer.

Self Cleaning Underwear

Someday soon, you will never have to wash your underwear because of new, self cleaning clothes. Ozzy is reportedly very excited.

Twins gear on sale

20% off all gear at – get your twins jerseys now! On checkout use the coupon code DAD. (case sensitive)

Verison Holdem Poker

For 3 bucks a month, verison is offering an online holdem poker game on their phones that allows you to play others for prizes.

Comments fixed

Comments were broken, now they’re fixed.

Griller Block

I’m starting to run out of things and ideas on the grill, maybe it’s time to pick up a 7 in 1 smoker/grill and take a shot at that?

PlayStation 2 Deal

This PlayStation 2 Deal includes a PS2, Controller, Network Adapter, and ATV Offroad Fury 2, and free shipping for $149. The wireless SOCOM clan will kill me if I don’t finally break down and get a PS2 whith deals like this out there…

Shitty Golfer Radar

For the really shitty golfer who is always loosing their ball, they now make hand held golf ball radar machines.

Supersize Me

This guy made a movie about fat americans and ate McDonalds 3 times a day for a month. Wow.

Student Films

A student film you may never see: Christmas Ape The Movie

Smart Bush

The exact moment every American turned to eachother and said “Oh shit, this moron in the leader of the free world.”

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